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Bedford Electric: A Powerhouse in Water Pump Controller Manufacturing

Bedford Electric, a professional water pump controller manufacturer. With a strong focus on quality and innovative development, Bedford Electric is a leading water pump controller manufacturer. Their extensive experience and commitment to excellence make them a trusted choice in the industry.

Perfect Performance

With 16 years of expertise in water pump frequency inverters, Bedford Electric stands as a reliable and experienced manufacturer. Founded by a seasoned professional with 30 years of technical knowledge, the company has established itself as a powerhouse in the field. They have an impressive track record, holding 70 invention patents, completing over 2800 projects, and exporting their products to 90 countries worldwide.

W713B – Bedford’s Best Water Pump Controller

One standout product from Bedford Electric is the W713B water pump controller. Designed to optimize water levels and manage water pressure, this controller offers top-notch performance. It serves a crucial role in industries that rely on water pumps for seamless operations, such as electromotors, food processing machinery, and pharmacy machinery. By controlling the speed of water pumps, the W713B not only enhances production efficiency but also reduces energy consumption by up to 50%. This allows businesses to maintain optimal water supply while cutting down on costs.


For all your water pump control needs, look no further than Bedford Electric. As a renowned water pump controller manufacturer, they bring forth a wealth of experience and innovation. Their flagship product, the W713B, sets industry standards with its ability to optimize water levels and reduce energy usage. Trust Bedford Electric to provide you with high-quality water pump inverters that streamline your operations while prioritizing energy efficiency.

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