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Breaking Barriers in Cardiovascular Interventions: APT Medical’s CONQUEROR™ SC PTCA Balloon Catheter

The CONQUEROR™ SC PTCA Balloon Catheter from APT Medical is a superb device developed to overcome the most difficult cardiovascular challenging lesions with exceptional efficiency and precision. With its ultra-low entry profile, greater pushability, and enhanced trackability, this semi-compliant rapid exchange balloon catheter enables medical practitioners to handle complicated anatomies and improve operative results.

Ultra Low Lesion Entry Profile for Exceptional Crossability and Recrossability

The CONQUEROR™ SC PTCA Balloon Catheter features an ultra-low lesion entry profile with a tip profile as low as 0.016 inches. This design enables excellent crossability, allowing the catheter to navigate through the most challenging lesions easily. The smooth tapered transition between the tip and guidewire further enhances crossability, ensuring seamless advancement through complex anatomies. The balloon folding technique also reduces the balloon refolding profile, enabling safe retrieval even after multiple inflations and enhancing procedural safety and efficiency.

Superior Pushability for Enhanced Deliverability

The combination of catheter distal flexibility and the stiffness of the proximal shaft provides the CONQUEROR™ SC PTCA Balloon Catheter with superior pushability. This unique design allows the catheter to deliver exceptional performance while crossing through complex lesions. By maintaining optimal deliverability, medical professionals can precisely navigate challenging cardiovascular structures, resulting in improved procedural outcomes.

1.0mm Balloon for Complex Lesions

The CONQUEROR™ SC PTCA Balloon Catheter includes a specially designed 1.0mm balloon, catering to complex lesions such as chronic total occlusions (CTOs) and severe stenosis. This tailored design significantly improves the success rate of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures, simplifying the process and reducing the overall duration. The 1.0mm balloon provides medical professionals a reliable tool to address challenging lesions more efficiently and effectively.


The CONQUEROR™ SC PTCA Balloon Catheter from APT Medical optimizes cardiovascular interventions by offering an ultra-low entry profile, superior pushability, enhanced trackability, and a specialized 1.0mm balloon for complex lesions. With its advanced features and precise design, this catheter empowers medical professionals to deal with challenging cardiovascular lesions with increased efficiency and precision. By incorporating the CONQUEROR™ SC PTCA Balloon Catheter into their practice, APT Medical enables medical professionals to achieve better procedural outcomes, ultimately improving patient treatment in cardiovascular interventions.

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