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Enhance Learning with LEDMAN’s Intelligent Solutions

Interactive panels have changed classroom learning by providing engaging and interactive experiences for students and teachers. LEDMAN, a trusted provider of display solutions, offers intelligent interactive panels designed specifically for classrooms. These panels incorporate cutting-edge technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences, fostering collaboration and interactivity within the classroom environment.

LEDMAN’s Intelligent Interactive Teaching Functions

LEDMAN’s interactive panel for classrooms features full touch UHD COB technology displays, providing teachers with ample display space to present their courseware effectively. With real-time annotation and highlighting capabilities, teachers can emphasize important points and generate notes with just one click. The interactive panels also support scanning QR codes to quickly share course materials with students. Additionally, the screen split function allows multiple people to write simultaneously, encouraging collaborative learning and interaction. LEDMAN’s intelligent interactive teaching functions empower teachers to deliver dynamic and engaging lessons.

Enhance Classroom Collaboration with LEDMAN’s Interactive Panels

LEDMAN’s interactive panels for classrooms go beyond traditional teaching methods by promoting collaboration among students. These panels enable image uploading, facilitating group discussions and peer-to-peer interactions. The panels also support remote meetings, allowing students and teachers to connect with remote participants for virtual learning sessions. LEDMAN’s interactive panels create an inclusive and interactive learning environment, encouraging students to actively participate and share their ideas.

Sound Pickup and Amplification System for Clear Audio

In addition to the interactive features, LEDMAN’s interactive panels for classrooms are equipped with a professional sound pickup and amplification system. This advanced system effectively suppresses whistling and eliminates echoes, ensuring clear and crisp audio during classroom discussions and presentations. The sound pickup and amplification system enhances the overall learning experience by ensuring that every student can hear the teacher’s instructions and explanations clearly.


To sum up, LEDMAN’s interactive panels for classrooms provide intelligent solutions to enhance teaching and learning experiences. With features such as full touch UHD displays, real-time annotation, screen splitting, and collaborative functionalities, LEDMAN empowers teachers to create dynamic and engaging lessons. The inclusion of a sound pickup and amplification system ensures clear audio for effective communication. By choosing LEDMAN’s interactive panels, educators can transform their classrooms into interactive and collaborative spaces, promoting active student participation and improving learning outcomes.

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