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Enhancing Product Identification with SUNINE LASER’s D Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine

With its cutting-edge features and remarkable performance, SUNINE LASER‘s D Series Fiber Laser Marker is transforming product identification and traceability. The D Series is made to code extremely legible and permanent codes at extremely quick production-line speeds on metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and some nonmetals like nylon, light buttons, ABS, PVC, and more.

Superior Performance

The D Series fiber laser marking machine delivers outstanding results, thanks to its small focus spot, fast processing speed, and minimal heat-affected area on the material. These features ensure that the codes are precise, clear, and resistant to environmental factors. Whether it’s marking intricate logos, serial numbers, barcodes, or other critical information, the D Series offers exceptional legibility and durability, enabling reliable traceability throughout the product lifecycle.

Efficient Flexibility

Installation and operation of the D Series are user-friendly, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate the machine into their existing production lines. Its compatibility with different materials and the ability to mark on metals and nonmetals make it a versatile solution for various industries. Manufacturers in automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and other sectors can rely on the D Series fiber laser marking machine to meet their coding needs effectively.

High System Compatibility

With a power output of 20W, the D Series provides ample marking capabilities while maintaining high efficiency. The machine’s marking field ranges from a standard 110mm x 110mm to a maximum of 600mm x 600mm, offering flexibility to accommodate diverse coding requirements. SUNINE LASER’s commitment to quality and reliability ensures that businesses receive a robust and high-performance product that meets their specific needs.


By choosing SUNINE LASER‘s D Series fiber laser marking machine, businesses can enhance their product identification processes, improve traceability, and ensure reliable coding throughout the product lifecycle.

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