Light Sky’s Top 3 Church Stage Lights

Lighting is a potent tool for establishing the ambiance of any event, but LED stage lighting for church is especially crucial. When designing a place of worship, it should be aesthetically pleasing, spiritually significant, and reflective of the community’s values. However, there is more to church stage lighting than creating a beautiful environment. A high-quality LED lighting system emits a tremendous amount of light and lasts longer than other types of light bulbs. Read on if you’re interested in purchasing church stage lights for your upcoming event.

Light Sky’s Top Three Church Stage Lights

As one of the most renowned LED stage lighting manufacturers in China, Light Sky has been producing exceptional LED lighting for all types of events. Some of their finest church stage lighting is described in the list below.

  1. Observe Mark: F450 Follow Spot

F450 is equipped with a 450W Ushio lamp, superior optics, a smooth mechanical dimmer, an adjustable beam angle, and a 360-degree pan. There are five interchangeable colors of paper clips within the color changer. It is designed for the most rigorous theaters, opera houses, and touring productions.

  1. Moving LED Wash Lights: TX1920Zoom

The zoom angle for the TX1920Zoom 19-piece *20W LED RGBW 4-in-1 LED moving head wash is 7 to 55 degrees. It is a nice effect for the church that it can be controlled simultaneously in three different rings. Additionally, TX1920Z is extremely compact, and its N.W. per unit is 10.5kg.

  1. SUPER SCOPE with a Moving LED Spot and Profile

Super Scope is a professional LED spot & profile with a 580W LED module, 1 fixed gobo wheel, 1 rotation gobo wheel, 1 animation gobo wheel, and 1 color wheel with CTO and CMY. Four blades constitute one professional framing system. Each blade can move in eight directions. Therefore, Super scope is capable of profiling any shape.


In the past decade, LED lighting has permeated every aspect of our culture. If you are unhappy with the current lighting situation, you may wish to investigate Light Sky. Light Sky is a company that offers a vast selection of lights and accessories, allowing you to completely outfit and personalize your system.

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