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Stellar Pro vs. Nebular: Unleashing the Power of Hanshow’s Digital Label Solutions

In the realm of digital labels, Hanshow has established itself as a leading provider of innovative solutions. With their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, Hanshow offers two exceptional products: Nebular and Stellar Pro. These next-generation digital labels redefine the capabilities of electronic shelf labels (ESL) and provide retailers with powerful tools to enhance operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer experiences.

Nebular: Redefining Electronic Shelf Labels

Hanshow’s Nebular digital label sets a new standard in the world of ESL. With its unibody design and flexible ion battery, Nebular ensures reduced power consumption and an extended lifespan of up to 15 years. This longevity translates to cost savings for retailers, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. Nebular also offers industry-leading functionality, enabling remote updates of entire labeling systems from centralized servers. This feature streamlines operations, reduces pricing errors, and minimizes labor costs. With Nebular, retailers can expect a digital label that exceeds expectations in terms of lifespan, functionality, and durability.

Stellar Pro: Elevating Electronic Shelf Labels to New Heights

Hanshow’s Stellar Pro takes the trusted Stellar series to new heights with its advanced features and improved performance. Stellar Pro boasts an enhanced battery life, ensuring prolonged operation before requiring battery replacements. The specialized ESL chip enhances performance and supports fast update speeds, allowing retailers to keep pricing and product information accurate in real-time. With expanded storage capacity, Stellar Pro offers retailers the ability to display a wealth of information, including product details, promotions, and reviews. This comprehensive solution strikes the perfect balance between durability and functionality, making it a reliable choice for retailers worldwide.


Hanshow’s commitment to innovation in digital label technology is evident through their Nebular and Stellar Pro offerings. Nebular redefines electronic shelf labels with its unibody design, extended lifespan, and advanced functionality. On the other hand, Stellar Pro elevates the trusted Stellar series with enhanced battery life, a specialized ESL chip, expanded storage, and improved overall performance. Whether retailers opt for Nebular or Stellar Pro, they can expect digital labels that excel in durability, stability, clear displays, fast update speeds, and batteries optimized for longevity. Hanshow continues to lead the way in digital label solutions, empowering retailers to unlock the full potential of ESL and enhance their operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

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