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Tecloman: Empowering Industries with Versatile Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Tecloman is a leader in providing versatile battery energy storage solutions, empowering various industries with innovative and efficient solutions. With their expertise in developing cutting-edge technologies, Tecloman offers a range of solutions tailored to the needs of commercial and industrial sectors, residential areas, data centers, and micro-grids.

C&I BESS Solution

Tecloman’s commercial and industrial (C&I) battery energy storage solutions are designed to reduce capacity electricity charges and demand charges for businesses. By implementing peak shaving and valley filling strategies, these solutions optimize energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, Tecloman’s C&I BESS solutions relieve grid pressure and ensure reliable power supply for critical loads, enhancing the overall stability of the electrical grid.

Residential, IDC, and Micro-grid BESS Solutions

Tecloman’s battery energy storage solutions extend beyond commercial and industrial applications. In residential areas, these solutions play a vital role in stabilizing power supply during peak load periods. By charging during off-peak hours and discharging during peak demand, Tecloman’s residential BESS solutions alleviate stress on the power distribution grid, ensuring consistent and reliable power for households.

For data centers, Tecloman’s solutions enable efficient power supply by replacing traditional lead-acid battery systems with high-energy density lithium iron phosphate batteries and rapid switch technology. This not only increases storage capacity but also saves space and reduces operational costs. These solutions also participate in grid auxiliary services through peak shaving and valley filling, contributing to the stability and reliability of the power grid.

Tecloman’s micro-grid BESS solutions provide a reliable and sustainable power supply for remote areas facing electricity shortages. By integrating renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, with energy storage systems, Tecloman enables the generation of green energy and ensures the economic and reliable operation of micro-grids in regions like Africa, islands, and pastoral areas.


Tecloman is the trusted partner for industries seeking versatile battery energy storage solutions. With their comprehensive range of offerings for C&I, residential, IDC, and micro-grid applications, Tecloman empowers businesses to optimize their energy utilization, reduce costs, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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