6 Reasons to Visit The Best fertility specialist

Once you start planning for a baby, you will realize that getting pregnant is not as easy as you think. With the progress in technology, modern couples are getting more aware of infertility issues. Thus, couples are being proactive when it comes to reproductive health and seeking professional help.

On average, a normal couple may take 5 to 7 months for conceiving. So don’t be concerned if you are taking a few more months to get pregnant. But you must be wondering when is the actual time to seek medical help?

  • If you are trying to conceive for more than 12 months and the age of the female is below 35.
  • When you are trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months and the age of the female is above 35 years.
  • When a couple is trying for 3 months and the age of the female partner is above 40 years.

There are obviously other reasons to visit the fertility specialist who can help you to be parents.

01. Irregularity in periods

Do you notice frequent delays in the periods? Then it can be a sign of ovulatory disorder. The most common problem in women worldwide is PCOS, which is a condition that will interrupt ovulation. Your periods will be painful, irregular, and in many cases, non-existent for some months.

  • Premature menopause is rare but can happen and stop ovulation in women long before the normal age.
  • Malfunction of the hypothalamus in the brain or the pituitary gland leads to hormonal imbalance and improper ovulation.

There are so many things that can hinder ovulation that it is necessary to visit a specialist who can diagnose the cause and develop the right treatment plan.

02. Trying, but unable to conceive

Now, this is a very common issue. You might be having intercourse with your male counterpart for many years without contraception. The very fact that you are not pregnant yet may raise a concern about the fertility status of the couple.

Once you visit the specialist, you will be surprised to know that it is not anything abnormal. Having unprotected sex does not mean that you are going to have a baby. The couple may be missing the fertile window of the woman. Still, to be on the safer side, the specialist may suggest a few basic tests to screen both the man and the woman and diagnose any subtle cause of infertility.

03. Abnormality in semen analysis

It is a fact that 40% of infertility cases all over the world happen to owe to the male factor infertility. So, if any couple has got an abnormal semen analysis, it’s time to find the Best fertility specialist. 

  • If the sperm count is low, it will make conception a difficult process. The specialists can offer a wide range of options for treatment.
  • In case of low motility of the sperms, the specialist will suggest procedures like IUI for conceiving.

The purpose of paying a visit to the professional is to get the necessary help that will aid a couple to overcome their challenges and welcome a healthy baby into their life.

04. Multiple miscarriages

A miscarriage or auto- abortion is common nowadays as women remain under much stress owing to work. But if you have suffered from multiple miscarriages and the miscarriage happens almost at the same period of the pregnancy every time, you should consult a specialist.

There can be underlying reasons for infertility that are causing miscarriages. In that case, the specialist is the ideal person to suggest the right procedure that will help you to carry a baby in your uterus or even plan for IVF.

05. Cancer diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you have to consult a fertility specialist before planning a child, regardless of your gender. If you are a woman, cancer treatments can affect the reproductive system. And the impact can be long-term. As the case of every individual is different, it is necessary to visit the experienced experts who can guide in the right direction.

06. Endometriosis

Another common cause of infertility is endometriosis. If you have a long history of endometriosis or scar tissue development in the pelvis, you should always talk to the specialist first, before trying t conceive. The adhesion of the scar tissues can affect the fertility factor. Although the treatments and the outcome of the treatments will vary from one person to another, there is always a chance of improvement in the fertility factor. Feel free to visit to know more about – health tips

Time to see the specialist

Deciding to visit a fertility specialist can be a big step forward for many people. Instead, of worrying, it’s better to consult the doctors as early as possible. It will help you to find the best solutions soon and prevent the situation from getting worse. Find the best professionals in the field and consult the specialist to find out the appropriate treatment procedure.

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