Ask An IT Consulting Firm to Integrate Cloud and Mobile Technology

Technology is constantly advancing, especially technology that people use at work. But “work” is not just at an office anymore. People are increasingly turning to cloud computing – which refers to storing and accessing data through the internet, not local devices – and mobile devices to do work anywhere. Responding to the workforce’s demand for flexibility and mobility, many workplaces have begun to integrate this technology by using an IT consulting firm.

What is “the cloud?” Simply put, cloud-based computing refers to accessing or storing data over the internet rather than physical hardware, such as a hard drive. This makes it easy to access files – including music, movies, documents, and more – anywhere or at any time. The ubiquity of cloud computing could eventually make it so that people are not so tied to physical places, hardware, or devices. If someone’s mobile phone is stolen, for example, it’s not the end of the world now that the person’s contacts, photos, and music from that phone are also backed up on the cloud. After getting a new phone, that information can be stored on the new device. People, especially those with families, can access all of their work files at home. Cloud computing has created a lot of positive changes in how people work, play, and access data.

Individuals use cloud computing every day with services such as iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Businesses use cloud systems for email, productivity, collaborating, and more. Hardware costs companies a lot of money and physical space, but cloud servers present an affordable, invisible option for companies’ electronic storage needs.

Mobile devices

Smartphones have become even “smarter,” and tablets make it easy to do many things a computer can do but on a simple and lightweight portable device. Now, an employee can be on a lunch break away from the office and still be checking and responding to emails and doing other work. People can travel and not have to worry about lugging around a heavy laptop so they can keep on working. Between the increase of cloud technology and mobile devices, the entire workplace and the way people do work has changed completely.

What an IT consulting firm does

Employees wanting to take advantage of the ease and mobility that cloud technology and mobile devices afford – without overhauling the company’s existing framework – can hire an IT consulting firm for help. Most firms can help companies create a strategy that integrates cloud and mobile technology. Employees being able to access network documents, share files with other employees, take office phone calls on their mobile devices, and access email on the go are just a few of the things that are possible.
Cloud technology and mobile devices are changing the way people do work, and mostly for the better. Workers can have more flexible work schedules and can work from home. This technology also has implications for small businesses and start-ups, who can create a company network for not as much money as it used to cost to store and access data.

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