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Demi: Your Reliable Super Absorbent Polymer Supplier for Food Packaging

Demi Co., Ltd., established in 2003, has become a respected name in the industry with over 20 years of experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing super absorbent polymers (SAP) and related absorbent pad products. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Demi has emerged as reliable super absorbent polymer suppliers for food packaging. Businesses seeking efficient moisture control and enhanced product freshness can trust Demi to provide them with the highest quality super absorbent polymers.

History of Our Company

Demi’s journey began in 2003 when Demi Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded. Over the years, the company expanded, establishing its first workshop and office building in 2004. Through collaborations with universities and continuous research and development efforts, Demi successfully developed Agriculture SAP in 2004 and later ventured into food absorbent pads and water beads in 2006. This rich history showcases Demi’s commitment to constant innovation and improvement.

Maximizing Performance and Value with Versatile and Reliable Solutions for Food Packaging

Demi’s super absorbent polymers and absorbent pads are designed to maintain the freshness of food products by effectively absorbing excess liquid. Made from 100% food-friendly materials, these absorbent pads prevent sweating and bruising, extending the expiration date of packaged food items. By utilizing Demi’s super absorbent polymers, businesses can enhance their packaging solutions, ensuring that their products reach consumers in optimal condition. Demi’s expertise as super absorbent polymer suppliers ensures reliable and efficient solutions for the food packaging industry.

Elevating Packaging Aesthetics and Functionality with Thoughtful and Innovative Solutions

Demi’s focus on product design ensures that their absorbent pads offer the best performance in the industry. The soft and spongy protection design reduces sweating and bruising, preventing damage to packaged food products. This thoughtful design element, combined with the superior moisture absorption properties of Demi’s super absorbent polymers, helps businesses maintain the quality and appeal of their food items throughout the supply chain. Demi’s innovative solutions as super absorbent polymer suppliers contribute to enhancing packaging aesthetics and functionality.


Demi Co., Ltd. stands as a reliable supplier of super absorbent polymers for food packaging, backed by a rich history of innovation and quality. With their dedicated research and development efforts, Demi continues to offer cutting-edge solutions that enhance freshness and extend the shelf life of packaged food products. By partnering with Demi, businesses can access high-performing super absorbent polymers from reliable super absorbent polymer suppliers that meet their specific packaging needs, ensuring customer satisfaction and optimization of their food packaging operations.Businesses can trust Demi’s expertise and commitment to quality to provide them with the highest performing super absorbent polymers. By partnering with Demi, businesses can ensure customer satisfaction and optimize their food packaging operations.

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