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Fire Extinguisher Types for Your Home – The Basic Protection & Necessity

Up till now, everybody had a misconception that a fire extinguisher is usually kept for commercial or business purposes.

Let me ask you one question? What if a fire breaks out in a home?

Having a fire extinguisher for your home can be very useful. These days they are the most effective tool that any homeowner should have to use to put off a fire. And there is no doubt that the best way to stay prepared just in case a fire breaks out in your home is by having a fire extinguisher in your home.

If your question still lingers in your mind is there a need for a fire extinguisher in my home?

Well, then let me say that it is very much crucial to have the basic fire protection in your home which could be a fire extinguishing appliance or fire extinguisher for any fire eventualities.

Our home is loaded with furniture, household appliances, and many other things that have all the potential to be fire hazards. And the more we load it in our home, the more risker it is.

With all these things around us, accidents do happen and in the case of a fire, the fire extinguisher is the first line of defense against the unwelcome event. It is therefore always the best option to be prepared.

You do not necessarily require having a fire extinguisher in every room, but it is important to have it at a reachable distance in case of any emergency. The essential areas to focus on are your garage, kitchen, and basement, and near your sleeping area.

So, What Types Of Fire Extinguishers Appliance Are Good?

Today the market is flooded with varied Fire Extinguishers types that are intended to treat different eventualities of fire. For instance, there are some fire extinguishers that put off the fire caused by liquids, gases, electricity, etc.

As suggested, there are 5 types of fire and are classified into 5 types likewise:

  • Class A means combustible materials like wood, cloth, and paper that catches the fire easily.
  • Class B means highly flammable liquids like kerosene, gasoline, etc.
  • Class C means it catches fire due to some electrical failures or anything related to electricity.
  • Class D means it catches fire due to any combustible metals that are usually found in the industrial zone.
  • Class K is a newly added classification where there are potential of catching fire in the commercial kitchen.

Also, there is a multi-purpose fire extinguisher available that covers the first 3 categories. If you happen to search over, you will surely get to know which one to pick.

Some of the recommended and commonly used fire extinguishers types in the home are:

  • Dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Water fire extinguisher
  • Cartridge operated dry chemical
  • Foam fire extinguisher
  • Clean agent and halogenated fire extinguisher
  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

So, the conclusion drawn is that it is in the best of interest you and your family members to have a fire extinguisher in the home. Have a thorough study before you buy or get professional help to install and understand the working method of your fire extinguisher. This will be a great help for you at your home.

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