How to Choose the Right Alternator for Industry?

Nowadays, many companies are looking for backup power supply solutions in the environment of unstable seasonal public power supply, and among the backup power supply equipment, the 1500 rpm alternator is the most suitable for factories, enterprises, construction sites, shipping, and other places. Today, EvoTec Power, an alternator manufacturer at the forefront, would like to introduce some considerations about alternators.

Guarantee of sufficient power

If there are no alternators, then, for example, in a factory, sometimes the public power grid fails or the power is limited during the daily manufacturing process, which will jeopardize the quality of products and production quota, and even lose the trust of customers and lose orders.

In such cases, if alternators are equipped, the emergency generator set installed on site will be activated within seconds, thus allowing production to continue.

It will also provide sufficient power to the factory when it needs additional power, so as not to slow down or shut down production due to lack of power.

EvoTec Power’s alternator provides a stable current output, which is beneficial both for production efficiency and for the maintenance of production materials and machines. This is due to the excellent design of EvoTec Power and the technical responsibility of careful selection of raw materials and careful production.

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