Mindray Manufactures Smart AEDs For Schools

Due to academic pressure, health problems, and other circumstances, there has been a significant frequency of cardiac arrest on campus in recent years. The installation of a campus first aid station is nearing completion. Mindray, as a professional AED for schools supplier, provides AEDs with high intelligence and clear use recommendations, utilizing its technological power to improve emergency services’ efficiency

An AED is a portable emergency device used to revive individuals who have gone into cardiac arrest, detect particular arrhythmias, and provide electric shock defibrillation. AEDs are portable and sophisticated devices that non-professionals may operate with little training.

What is an AED, and how does it work?

AEDs are primarily used to treat individuals suffering from heart attacks, particularly cardiac arrests occurring outside of hospitals. In the early stages, the majority of patients will develop ventricular fibrillation.

In addition to utilizing electrical defibrillation for early resuscitation of the patient, using an AED for lifesaving therapy prevents damage to the brain and other neurological tissues.

In many instances of cardiac arrest, the patient’s heart does not stop beating but instead flutters, a medical condition known as ventricular fibrillation. When we look at the patient’s ECG, we can observe that it is a haphazard line rather than a straight line or a normal periodic curve.

This functionality is used by Mindray‘s AED devices to detect the cause of cardiac arrest and to perform prompt resuscitation measures.

Why do you need a portable, clever Mindray AED?

When a patient goes into cardiac arrest, only defibrillation technology may frequently save their life. For example, assume we have a smart AED device for first aid and follow the standard operating protocols. In such circumstances, the AED will automatically finish the diagnostic and shock processes to rescue the cardiac arrest patient. The whole procedure does not need a lot of operational specifications or medical understanding.

First aid may be delivered without any hurdles as long as the operational parameters are followed, considerably ensuring the life safety of patients with cardiovascular disorders. All this is made possible by Mindray’s revolutionary technology in its AED for school products.

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