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Style3D: Real-Time Editing and Preview of Digital Fabrics

Introducing Style3D, a cutting-edge solution for digital fabric editing and preview that enables brands to swiftly fine-tune and customize their digital fabrics. With Style3D, designers can enjoy real-time previews, instantly visualizing the on-body effect of their fabric designs.

Swiftly Edit and Fine-Tune Digital Fabrics

With Style3D, brands can swiftly edit and fine-tune their digital fabrics, providing designers with unparalleled creative control. The software enables real-time editing, allowing designers to make instant adjustments and explore various design possibilities. Designers can modify fabric properties such as texture, pattern, transparency, and sheen, and immediately see the changes reflected in the on-screen preview. This real-time editing capability empowers designers to make quick and informed decisions, accelerating the design process and ensuring the creation of visually stunning and customized digital fabrics.


Multi-Dimensional Fabric Properties and Convenient Tools

Style3D allows designers to explore multi-dimensional fabric properties, enhancing the realism of digital fabrics. Designers can manipulate fabric properties such as elasticity, draping, weight, and behavior to achieve the desired effect. Additionally, Style3D provides convenient tools for one-click fabric looping, enabling designers to visualize seamless patterns and repetitions effortlessly. The software also offers colorway adjustments and color swapping features, allowing designers to experiment with different color combinations and variations, providing endless possibilities for customization and personalization.


Designers can swiftly edit and fine-tune their digital fabrics, instantly visualizing the on-body effect of their designs. With Style3D, designers have access to multi-dimensional fabric properties and convenient tools for fabric looping, colorway adjustments, and color swapping. This empowers brands to create highly customized and visually striking digital fabric designs, enhancing the overall design process and enabling the creation of unique and captivating garments.

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