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The Perfect Harmony: Easyweigh’s Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher

In the realm of food safety and quality control, precision is the key. Easyweigh introduces the FMD(YCW)-210/300 a metal dectector in food and an unparalleled solution that seamlessly combines metal detection and weight detecting functionalities. Let’s delve into the capabilities of this innovative machine and explore why it stands as the ultimate choice for industries, particularly in the food sector.

Simultaneous Metal Detection and Weight Detecting

The FMD(YCW)-210/300 is not just a metal detector or a checkweigher; it’s a powerful combination of both. This machine is designed to simultaneously detect metal contaminants and ensure precise weight measurements, streamlining the quality control process in one efficient operation.

Versatility Across Industries

This Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher find applications in a variety of industries, including aquatic products, pickled products, vegetables, cosmetics, and toys. However, it truly shines as the perfect food metal detector for the food industry. Its versatility allows it to detect a wide range of products, including meat, poultry, potatoes, tomatoes, seafood, nuts, bread, and more.

Ensuring Product Safety and Quality

The primary goal of the FMD(YCW)-210/300 is to ensure product safety and quality. By combining metal detection and weight checking in one machine, it provides comprehensive and precise solutions for the food industry. Detecting contaminants and ensuring accurate weight measurements, this food metal detector safeguards both consumers and brands from potential risks.

Efficient and Reliable Checkweigher with Metal Detector

Efficiency and reliability are at the core of Easyweigh’s design philosophy. The Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher deliver on both fronts, offering a seamless and integrated solution for quality control. The machine’s efficiency lies in its ability to perform dual functions concurrently, saving time and streamlining production processes.

Convenience of Combined Detection

Benefit from the convenience of having both metal detection and weight detection in a single machine. The FMD(YCW)-210/300 eliminates the need for separate processes, reducing the complexity of quality control operations. This convenience translates into enhanced productivity and operational efficiency for businesses.


Easyweigh‘s FMD(YCW)-210/300 Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher redefine the standards of precision and efficiency in quality control processes. With its simultaneous metal detection and weight detecting capabilities, versatility across industries, commitment to product safety and quality, efficiency, and the convenience of combined detection, this machine emerges as the ultimate solution for the food industry and beyond. Choose Easyweigh for a comprehensive and precise metal detection solution that elevates the standards of efficiency and reliability in your production processes.

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