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Versatile Aperture Drapes for Surgical Procedures

In surgical settings, precision and sterility are paramount. Winner Medical, a distinguished manufacturer of sterile drapes, recognizes this need and offers a range of high-quality Aperture Drapes.

For Diverse Surgical Applications

Aperture Drapes, also known as orifice towels, serve a multitude of purposes in the operating room. They are essential for wound treatment, anesthesia puncture, and a variety of surgical procedures. Winner Medical’s Aperture Drapes come in common sizes of 80x80cm, 100x100cm, 120x120cm, and can be customized to fit specific needs. The customizable shapes include ellipse with openings, circles, racetracks, and more. This versatility ensures that these drapes can meet the unique requirements of different surgical scenarios.

Invisishield Adhesive Circular Aperture Drape

Winner Medical’s Invisishield Adhesive Circular Aperture Drape is a single-packed, sterile drape specially designed for specific surgical procedures. It is an ideal choice for cataract, corneal, refractive, lid/plastic, and minor surgical procedures. This drape is created with precision and sterility in mind, ensuring that it meets the highest standards required for these delicate surgeries.

Commitment to Sterile Drapes

Winner Medical is dedicated to providing high-quality sterile drapes for surgical applications. Their product development team, equipped with extensive clinical experience, designs these drapes to conform to the exacting specifications of surgical procedures.

The components of Winner Medical’s sterile drape packs are thoughtfully configured to ensure that they meet the specific needs of surgical teams. These sterile drapes have gained widespread acceptance and application in hospitals across Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. Notably, Winner Medical’s sterile radiography drape is produced using a fully automated production line, a pioneering achievement in China.


In conclusion, Winner Medical’s Aperture Drapes are designed to be versatile, precise, and sterile. Their commitment to high standards and their dedication to crafting specialized drapes for a variety of surgical procedures make them a trusted supplier for medical facilities worldwide.

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