What is dusty football? The reason why football is so popular

What is dusty football?? For a long time, soccer has become a popular type of soccer and many people participate. Also known as dusting stone or tea style stone. It can both help players entertain and exercise. Let’s learn more about this type of football in this article.
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What is dusty football?

Phui is a word that refers to a movement-based form of football. Football is also known as a type of amateur football. As long as you have the same passion, you can comfortably participate. They form a football team and go to the field to participate in playing soccer. Only enough participants from both teams need to be able to start the football match.

The form of football is loved by many people of different ages. Can be at any location, on the field or on the school grounds during school hours. You can easily see the sight of schoolboys competing for the ball on the field. Does not require harsh, cumbersome regulations like the way professional football plays.

With the popularity of football, it is becoming more and more popular and developed in many places for those who are passionate about football. This form of football gradually becomes familiar to amateur players. Football is expanding more widely in cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang,…

Reasons why football is so popular

Physical health training

Soccer is loved by many people because participating in each soccer match can help players practice their bodies. Exercise for better health and more endurance. Besides, players can also burn with their passion for soccer. It also helps us relieve stress and tension after tiring and stressful working hours. Players will have comfortable and refreshing moments when playing with the ball on the field.

Soccer can be suitable for all ages. You just need to be interested to participate. Can be students, pupils or working people, etc. In addition, football is also considered a bonding environment, connecting more friends. Expand relationships in society or even at work.


Soccer does not require too much technique when playing but offers a comfortable and liberal style of play. Attack with all your might when on the field to relieve stress and fatigue after a day of studying. It brings moments of relaxation, this is also considered a completely reasonable way to reduce stress.

Here, everyone can laugh and shout together to strengthen their emotional bond. People who come to brush football seem to be getting used to its “brushing” nature. A simplicity and simplicity that captivates people’s hearts. When the game is over, everyone can gather and sit together to chat over beers or drinking tables. A soccer match is considered a fun game and exercise after work.

Successful football players

There have been many famous stars in the world who started from football. These include football king Pele, Portuguese players Nani, Garrincha, etc. Even though they were not professionally trained since they were children, their passion for the king sport helped them achieve success. reap successes.
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When it comes to the Brazilian footballer with outstanding black skin, surely no one is familiar with it. Pele is extremely praised by the people for his football achievements. Before becoming an excellent player in the world, he had time to play soccer. Pele leaves many deep impressions on his opponents every time he meets him. He is even more famous for his powerful shots and accurate scoring ability.


Nani’s real name is Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha, famous Portuguese football player. Start with football before going to professional football. Nani has brought many successes in both types of king sports. He possesses many skillful techniques, extremely fast shooting speed and accurate passing skills.

In the 2010 – 2011 season, Nani scored 9 goals and successfully assisted his teammates 18 times. After that, Nani was highly appreciated by experts and had many opportunities to join famous teams. Nani chose to play for Manchester United as a winger. Besides, this player can also play in many different positions.


Known as a famous player from Brazilian football. Before becoming famous as a winger, he achieved many achievements in major tournaments. The Brazilian player is also a striker with a beautiful and attractive playing style. During his career, he won many remarkable awards such as winning the World Cup in 1958 and 1962 with the national team. Furthermore, he also received the Golden Ball title for outstanding goal scorer.

Through the above article, it will help you understand betterWhat is dusty football?, A type of amateur football, a game anyone can participate in. Hopefully the above information is useful for you to better understand football. Thank you for your interest and following the article.

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