7 Google Chrome problems and how to fix them


Recently, one of the hero browsers for everyone is growing like anything. The growing fame and features of chrome can have some flaws as well. Let us find out some of the most common faults found in the browsers of choice for people worldwide.

1.    Windows Getting Freeze

Computers or laptops come with an excellent lasting period or lifespan. Sometimes, the window or tabs get frozen for no specific reason, which may happen due to internal issues or overuse of devices.


In the chrome task manager section, you’ll find lots of windows and tabs—Press Shift+ESC on your keyboard at once. Click on “End Process” to stop or remove the specific window.

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2.    Chrome taking too long to respond or crashing

It’s not common to see chrome taking too long to open or not loading anything on the screen. If you see the webpages are not getting loaded by chrome within a few seconds, it is a vast chrome issue. You need to fix the problem with multiple solutions, as one solution may not work.


The chrome clean-up tool is a savior for people with chrome issues. A perfect device clean tool works for repairing browser issues. The only drawback with chrome clean-up issues is that its uses are restricted for Windows users. Sometimes, the problems crashing in chrome may happen due to malware on your computer or laptop. Mac users should try using the renowned MalwareBytes.

3.    Some applications are not working properly

There could be many reasons for not allowing chrome to work correctly. If you have tried everything but chrome is not responding. Then the best option is to reset your browser setting. After you reset your browser setting, chrome may start working smoothly.


Visit the setting section on your chrome page. After the setting section opens, you will see many setting options. Go for advanced setting options to reset the browser. Click on the “Reset Setting” to fix the chrome issues.

4.    Can’t Open the User profile

Sometimes, people would not be able to open their user profiles. This may happen due to many types of issues in your system. If you see a message on the screen saying that you can’t open your profile in google chrome, you should try removing (or deleting) your profile.


Start with opening the menu and then go to settings. Now, you have to sign in to your account again. Then disconnect or delete your account from google chrome. Before disconnecting your account, you should not skip removing or clearing every other information related to your account on your device. You will see an option Youhis information, and you have to tick the box for further process.

5.    Chrome Running Slower

Chrome can run slower due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons is the presence of extensions. Too many attachments on your device are not going to help.


People just need to choose the extensions that are not getting used by them. Go to the menu and then visit the more tools section. The last step is to click on attachments. Now you can disable them temporarily or remove them from your device.

6.    Some features of chrome do not work

If you have tried everything but all the chrome features are not responding. Then you have to fix the flash. Sometimes, the Flash may crash for no apparent reason.


Go to the settings for Adobe Flash Player. Click on disable to turn off Flash.

7.    Can’t open any application in the chrome browser

If you can’t open applications in chrome browsers after trying out all the possible ways. Then the last option is to remove or uninstall chrome from your device.


To fix issues, you have to Delete the lightweight chrome browser and install it again. Deleting chrome will solve all the browser-related problems on your device, and it will help recover all the browser opening and closing features.

Make sure you reinstall the chrome browser properly without any mistakes for a smooth application.

Final Thoughts

Chrome issues are common after a long-term or repeated use of the browser. You can try to avoid overusing the browser to prevent chrome crashes. Make sure your device is not packed with unnecessary trashes or chrome extensions. Also, if you are facing problems with Funimation not properly working on Chrome, you can fix with this AMTricks guide.

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