Complement Skin Nutrition With Appropriate Supplements

Healthy and lustrous skin is a consequence of many factors. A nutritious diet combined with the right exercise can give you glowing skin that speaks of a fit inside and outside.

While the right diet contributes to the overall skin texture, it is necessary to maintain the skin with additional supplements. It is pertinent to mention that you must choose skin supplements by your skin type. There are many types of creams and lotions available on the market but it is best to consult a skin specialist before embarking on using any skin creams or lotions.

While exfoliating your skin is an absolute requisite to keep the dead and dull skin cells away, it leaves the skin fresh and glowing. You can refine your skin texture with Age Smart Multivitamin Thermofoliant from Dermologica. This cream has unique thermal technology and lactic acid that stimulate cell renewal by gently lifting dead cells on the surface. Age fighting vitamins and antioxidants in the cream neutralize free radicals that damage your skin leaving skin smoother, fresher, and more radiant.

La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Day and Night solution is a lightweight, highly concentrated cream with a texture enriched with ocean botanicals boosting unparalleled anti-oxidant benefits. La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex helps accelerate skin’s natural repair process and nourishes and invigorates skin with nutrients that promote optimal functioning. This leaves skin revived and healthier in a youthful appearance. This cream can be used day and night after cleansing and toning the face.

The skin around our eyes is delicate and is susceptible to wrinkles and dark circles. Strivectin Eye Cream is a fragrance-free treatment for the fragile area around the eyes. From the product line in Eye Care of Klein Becker, this cream contains a firming agent and gyrators to lift contour optimizing skin texture with glycosaminoglycan and collagen. This helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles with an added protection from enhanced soothing agents leaving skin silky, smooth and supple.

Suns’ rays along with pollutants in the atmosphere contribute to the dullness and spots on the face which is the most exposed part of our body. Elemis Body Glow High Protection Cream dissolves into the skin quickly. It provides an excellent sun shield retaining olive skin tones. It has sun filters and plant extracts that protect the skin from harmful rays. It contains vitamin-rich milk protein, Jojoba, and camellia extracts that leave the skin satiny.

Apart from the skin that we need to take care of, our tired body cries to be pampered for a soothing experience. Elemis has in its collection an ideal aid for tired bodies with aching muscles. Aching muscle super soaks soothing aid contains energizing and warming extracts of various ingredients that include birch, juniper, lavender, clove, wild thyme, and blue chamomile blended in mineral-rich salts to ease tired muscles and recharge the body.

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