From 0C to -40C! Because of these temperatures, our skin takes a beating and it is hit with looking dry and nonradiant.

What I like to use, even year-round is Clarins Hydra-Essential Serum. This product is great for its intensive moisture quenching. One to Two drops for your full face to add that moisture that we lack.

You can purchase this at The Bay, Clarins website, and even some spas like the Ritz Carlton. ($56)


-helps with dull, uneven skin

-organic leaf extract

-not greasy


As females, we have a lot of upkeep that requires monthly maintenance. From hair to nails, waxing, and brows we constantly want and need to be on point.

The best feeling is when you haven’t gone your eyebrows done in 3 months and go for that fresh brow look. Personally, I love threading. Mainly because:

1: it’s quick!

2: lasts longer

3: gives more a perfected brow arch

4: no dangerous chemicals

5: good for sensitive skin

As a makeup artist, I like to inform clients how as we get older we lose the elasticity in our skin. Which, when you wax and pull the skin frequently over the years your skin will ‘sag’. That’s why I love threading. It’s because it pulls the hairs, not the skin.

Today, I kept my makeup very minimal to show off my brows and also it’s my day off.

Once you have a great eyebrow lady stick with her cause brows are everything and they really do frame your face. My girl Heather has been doing my brows for 6years now and before her, I swear my brows were pencil-thin. She really transformed them. I love that she knows what’s best and never over threads.

Threading works by using cotton threads entwined than in a scissor motion it removes the hairs from the follicle. YouTube it! It’s amazing to watch the technique on how it’s done.

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