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New SMS Marketing and Reseller program

Here are a few facts on SMS Marketing –

5.8 Billion Text Messages are sent every single DAY- just in the U.S.A & Canada!

Open rates for Text Messages are at 97% (as opposed to 3% – 20% for email marketing campaigns)…

83% of Text Messages are opened within the first 15 minutes! …

Redemption rates for mobile coupons are 15-20% (on a bad day!)…

Wireless penetration in June 2010 was 93%. Cell phones are the ONE form of communication that most people are tethered to 24/7, really… who DOESN’T carry a cell phone?

Text Message campaigns are Proven! More than $30 million dollars was raised for Haiti via Text Message alone!

SMS Marketing The new Wave of Marketing


For years we have seen email marketing is the key to helping businesses grow lists and create fortunes however it has reached a stage where open rates and delivery have caused it to become less effective.

It is still critical to creating lists as they are the key for businesses to succeed.

Because the smartphone market and the mobile phone market is gaining momentum every day it is imperative that businesses start looking at SMS marketing and list building using mobile phones.

This is a great opportunity for you to profit by offering SMS marketing services to these businesses.

SMS Marketing for Business

So Is SMS Text Message Marketing Something That Business Owners Are Interested In?

You bet it is!!! Just listen to how one YeeZ Mobile client is using our text messaging platform…

SMS Marketing for Youth

And as you can see below YeeZ Mobile is already starting to get some media attention:

April – June 2011 – MTV: America’s Best Dance Crew Champions – I.aM.mE Crew uses YeeZ Mobile to build their Text Message Fan Club! SMS Marketing is reaching all sorts of new markets that were not being targeted before.

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