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Free SMS Using Twitter

Now you can offer small business owners FREE unlimited text/SMS campaigns.

Ok, I only found this a few weeks ago but if you want to create a Free SMS program for your clients and get referrals galore try this one.

The way you monetize this is to offer to write the ads for them.

Over the last month or two, I’ve perfected a marketing strategy to go into local businesses (restaurants are particularly appreciative) and share with them a way to do free text messaging to their customers.

That’s right, I said they NEVER pay for text messages!

It’s basically a way for you to get to know them and their needs better.

You’ll create enormous goodwill in the process.

In other words, YOU’LL BE THEIR HERO!

Why should small business owners pay 5 cents to 14 cents per text message to send their special offers and deals?

It adds up fast!

Even costs a penny a piece which doesn’t sound like much at first, but those pennies can really add up!

I’ve done this with about three dozen businesses so far and it’s a true breakthrough for them.

They can’t wait to try it.

So, how can any business owner send unlimited text messages for absolutely no charge?

To do it, we’re going to route our messages through our friend, Twitter.


1. Go to Twitter and create an account for your prospect’s business but with the word “deal”, “coupon” or “offers” in the Twitter name.

(The idea is to make the name easy to remember.)

Let’s say the prospect’s business is a restaurant named “Kim’s Koffee”, your Twitter name could be KoffeeDeals.

2. Then the business owner advertises her text message service”

The call-to-action can be something like:

Text “Follow KoffeeDeals” to 40404 for VIP specials, offers, and discounts.

Then each time the business owner tweets a deal under the KoffeeDeals Twitter account, their customers will receive it via a text message.

Pretty cool, uh? Try it for yourself.

3. BONUS: When customers text “Follow KoffeeDeals ” to 40404, they will not only receive future deals but also receive the LAST TWEET that was previously sent.

4. Get this: Customers do not have to have a Twitter account in order to receive these text messages, they just have to text “follow (username)” to 40404 and they will be subscribed.

5. The particular Twitter account you set up for your prospect or customer is JUST for text message offers. It does not replace their regular Twitter account. And with this special account, they shouldn’t send out more than 1-2 offers per week.

Go ahead and try it. Share the tool with your prospects and current customers. They’ll thank you and then you can upsell them something that makes you some money.

PS: For those who need to know more, here’s Twitter’s take on the service:

Add to this availability in many other countries.

Of course, you could also search for your local SMS wiolesale providers

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