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What to do with your shed?

What to do with your shed

So if you’ve just installed a nifty new shelving system in your garage and found yourself with a lot of extra storage space you might find yourself moving a lot of the tools and clutter that used to reside in your garden shed into your garage where it is a lot closer to your home and much more convenient.  If this is the case for you what will you do with your garden shed, just because it’s at the bottom of your garden doesn’t mean it should be ignored, in fact, its location is something to be celebrated!

A garden shed is a way of enjoying all the benefits of outdoors whilst being indoors, a great way of getting the best out of your garden.

Now you don’t need your shed for storage anymore here are three new things you can do with your shed thanks to garage shelving:

  • A Home office

We all do our best work where we are most inspired, and for most of us, this isn’t crammed into the spare bedroom, where we are surrounded by all the distractions of family life.  Many of us would much better when outdoors surrounded by the peace and beauty of nature.  Well if you have a newly vacant garden shed why not turn it into a home office?  Adding a desk and chair and bringing your WiFi-enabled laptop outside means you can easily work from your own garden.  Even if you don’t work from home many people with creative hobbies love making use of a shed as a base, your shed could be an art studio, a craft room, a music practice room.  The possibilities are endless.

  • A Playroom

Many of us have quite large garden sheds; in fact companies like Tiger class many of their sheds as fully-fledged log cabins.  If you’re lucky enough to have one of these that you’re not using anymore why not use it to give your family a little extra space.  As your children get older you can find that they look for more independence.  What better way to help them achieve this, whilst still keeping them under your supervision than giving them a separate building on your property to be just there’s.   The additional benefit to you is that all the mess and clutter that can sometimes come with children’s games are all focused in one place letting you reclaim some of your houses for your own projects.

  • A summer house

If you love having guests visiting to enjoy your garden in the summer, setting up a base for yourself in the garden can be a great way to maximize the use you get out of the garden.  Turning a shed into a summer house can allow people to stay in your garden but have a retreat to go to inside if it gets a bit colder or the weather turns.  Imagine having a BBQ outside but being able to easily eat inside, or having an outside games room set up to entertain your guests in the summer.

Garden sheds have traditionally already been the home of your gardening tools and needs, but if you have the space a lot of people can find themselves benefitting a lot more from converting sheds for other purposes.

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