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7 Tips to Consider While Preparing Video Training

The online video education market is growing day by day. While the sales volume of video education in the world was 57 billion dollars in 2014, it reached 200 billion dollars in 2022.

You can take your place in this market by preparing video training. You can create your own online income model.

Don’t worry if you can’t think of a topic for training for now. The more you think about it, the more you do research on the internet, and the better things will come to your mind. I suggest you do this research in English. Because video course events in Turkey have just started to be known.

Now we will talk about 7 important details you need to know to prepare and sell video training.

#1 GOOD NEWS if someone else has prepared a tutorial on the subject you want to talk about!

If no video training has been prepared in Turkish or English on the subject you intend to talk about before, you can deduce that there is not much demand for that subject.

Don’t be intimidated by other books or video courses on the same topic. Don’t hesitate to enter that field unless the competition is very high.

Always think like this:

“People need the course that I will sell.”

This thought will encourage you and make it easier for you to take a step. Of course, while you are doing research, you can see that you have no training in Turkish on the subject you plan to train on.

As I said, this is a new market. Then check how many searches per month the topic you want to describe is searched by doing keyword analysis. If the subject you want to tell people is searched at the 2000-10000 level, CONGRATULATIONS. You got a nice space.

There’s a tutorial on that right away. You can use the KWFINDA and KEYWORD PLANNER tools to do keyword research.

#2 Your first video tutorial isn’t going to look that great. But as long as it’s above a certain quality, it’s OK!

When you decide to prepare training, you want to produce a great product. The product you make is so perfect that you think people will love it.

But if this is your first time doing this, don’t try to be perfect. Because in the training you prepare for the first time, there will be mistakes and missing parts.

However, as the second and third video pieces of training are released, the visual and content quality of the pieces of training will start to get better.

If you want to earn money by preparing and selling video training, you should take action as soon as possible instead of worrying about being perfect.

#3 If you can’t think of an idea to prepare a video course, DON’T PANIC!

Why do people buy online courses? The answer is quite simple.

They have a problem and they resort to online education to solve this problem. They look for a course that will solve these problems, and when they find it, they buy it.

Maybe he feels incompetent about internet marketing. Maybe she wants to lose weight. Maybe he wants to improve himself in accounting. Anyone who experiences such situations is a potential customer who can buy online courses.

In this way, you will find a solution to people’s problems. So, how do you find a topic that you can train on?

Research people’s problems.

Find the most searched topics on the internet.

Think about what problems your friends, family, and people at work are looking for solutions to. In this way, tens of topics will come to your mind.

Write down the topics you find on a piece of paper.

Which of these do you have the most knowledge about? What can you really contribute to people?

Decide on this. After all, people will pay for your education, so they expect quality information from you. The information you give them should be of a quality that will solve the problems they are experiencing.

When you find a suitable subject for you, start shooting your education.

#4 If you think you’re not an expert on anything, Don’t Worry!

There is a subject that everyone knows well and is an expert on. You don’t need to be a certified engineer or an English teacher for this.

If you have lived in America for 2 years and your English level is good, it means you are an expert on this subject. You can prepare a tutorial on this subject. Or if you are constantly helping your friends with their presentations, if you have improved yourself to a certain point, it means you can add something to people about it.

Then “How to Prepare a Powerpoint Presentation?” You can do a tutorial like You can prepare training on any subject that you can think of and you think you have a high level of knowledge.

If you still think that you do not have a high level of knowledge on any subject, then start learning new information from today.

Decide on a topic and start reading new resources on that topic. When you read a few different sources, you will already start to dominate the subject.

#5 People PAY MONEY for courses even if they find information for free!

You can find any information you are looking for on the internet for free. But even when you find this information, you continue your search for the course.

Because the information you find is free, you want a more comprehensive education that is paid. You think that an education you find free is not comprehensive enough.

For example;

Think for yourself You want to master Photoshop. First, you look for a free course. After watching the free course, you go in search of a more detailed training set.

Therefore, when you see that there are free pieces of training on a subject, do not give up preparing for the training.

Craft a product that is more successful than the ones sold for free and sell it for a fee.

#6 You DON’T NEED to prepare a course that contains all the information like an encyclopedia!

While preparing a video course, people are tearing themselves up to fit all the information they know into the course. As he tries to give himself more information, he loses time, and after a while, he thinks that he cannot do it and gives up preparing for the course.

“Get a lot of knowledge in my course.” When you obsess about that, that course becomes even harder to come by.

It’s not necessary. Trying to convey everything you know is a waste of time. It will be enough to prepare a training that lasts 1-4 hours.

The important thing is not how much information you give, but how much useful information you give. If the information you provide is useful for the field of education, it means that your education is of high quality. If you put a lot of useless information into training, it will not benefit both you and the person receiving the training.

#7 TEACH in making video tutorials!

We have a training that we have prepared so that people can improve themselves in preparing video training.

You can create a video tutorial by watching this training set and applying the information we have explained.

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