DIN Electronics- One of The World’s Largest Capacitor Suppliers

With a long history of manufacturing capacitor products, DIN Electronics is prepared to provide the world with one of the most advanced DL-Link capacitors. They are also leading in developing new and innovative capacitor technologies.

Company Overview

DIN Electronics is a national production-oriented high-tech enterprise. The electric power grid, the smart metering industry, the wireless charging industry, the wind power inverter industry, the photovoltaic inverter industry, the new energy auto industry, the charging pile industry, the induction heating equipment industry, and the intelligent household industry, among others, all use high-quality products.

What is a DC-link capacitor?

DC-Link capacitors are placed between a DC Source (Battery or Rectified DC) to provide a temporary energy buffer to a switching power stage like an inverter or motor drive. We present the new DC-Link film capacitors to offer solutions for the high energy density future applications in the e-Mobility and renewable technologies.

Benefits of DIN Electronics capacitors

DIN Electronics capacitors are known for their quality and reliability. They are ideal for applications in which high performance and long life are required, such as power supplies, telecommunications equipment, and computers.

Some of the benefits of using DIN capacitors include:

-They offer high quality standards.

-They are resistant to environmental factors, such as humidity and heat.

-They have a long lifespan, making them economical to use.


DIN Electronics is a leading capacitor manufacturer to create the world’s largest capacitors supplier. This move marks an important step for DIN as it seeks to expand its business revenue and cement its position as a global leader in electrical engineering.

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