Future of mobile websites

The future of mobile websites is huge due to the almost critical mass of smartphones.

Building Mobile Websites for organizations and businesses is quite a new industry and so you have a ground-level opportunity if you learn how to build mobile websites.

With a little bit of training, you can create mobile websites like the one to the left.

Mobile App vs. Mobile Site is About Functionality

People use the mobile web in a similar fashion to the way that they use the desktop web: they browse.

Mobile Websites vs Mobile App

So if mobile apps are only accomplishing what mobile websites accomplish, it’s much better from the mobile users’ point of view to be able to browse from mobile website to mobile site, rather than have to exit out of an old application and open up a new application, especially if they want to engage with a different online brand, business, product or service.

Mobile Use Up Memory

Mobile devices (especially phones) still have relatively limited memory, and mobile apps take up memory. It’s much more convenient for mobile users to bookmark their favorite mobile sites in their mobile browser.

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