Hotel Reference in Bandung This City Can Be Your Vacation Solution

Hotel References in Bandung This City Can Be Your Vacation Solution – Visits outside the city are indeed fun, especially if the destination city has tourism objects that can be a new stimulus to refresh your mind. However, it’s not only your luggage that you have to prepare, but you have to decide which hotel will be your place to stay.

However, if you are still confused about finding a hotel in Bandung city, the references below might help you to find a hotel that suits your needs. Let’s take a look right away!

Banana Inn Hotel

This hotel is located on Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi 191, Setiabudi, Bandung, Indonesia. This hotel has become a mandatory hotel for students or academics who are having an agenda at one of the campuses in Bandung, this city because it is not far from UPI and NHI.

Wooden floors, white linen sheets, and warm colors create a harmonious feel and can add to your sense of comfort when you are in the room. You can freely choose the room type according to your wishes.

Ehm, then what about the facilities huh? Take it easy, here you can give yourself “me time” with the existing facilities, including; a fitness center, karaoke, spa, cafe, to children’s club. Thus, if you have a vacation or business agenda and want to invite your family, you don’t need to worry, because later your child can also enjoy a complete kids’ corner.

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Novotel Hotel

Located on Jl. Cihampelas No. 23, Cihampelas, Bandung, Indonesia. The location of this hotel is very strategic because it is in the heart of Bandung. Thus this hotel will be able to easily provide access to you to reach various tourist attractions to other public facilities.

This hotel is perfect for those of you who have a business or leisure agenda. You can enjoy the facilities provided, for example; a swimming pool, meeting room or meeting room, fitness center, restaurant to the spa. And what’s interesting about the restaurant in this hotel is the bar that will serve many variants of exclusive food and drinks that are ready to shake your tongue.

Hilton Bandung Hotel

Located at Hos Tjokroaminoto Road No. 41-43, Bandung Airport, Bandung, Indonesia 40171. Its strategic location makes it easy for you to go to several tourist attractions and public service facilities such as Istana Plaza, and Lembang Floating Market.

Friendly and fast service is one of the magnets that makes this hotel attractive to many guests. You will be able to feel comfortable with the availability of various facilities that support the creation of a calming atmosphere. 24-hour reception service, wifi throughout the hotel area, non-smoking rooms, a sauna, spa, and outdoor swimming pool to hot tub will also add to your comfort.

Those were some of the hotels in Bandung city that you can take into consideration in choosing a hotel that will make your vacation even more memorable. Make sure to choose a hotel that is comfortable and of good quality!

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