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How To Choose A Domain: 5 Golden Rules

Choosing the right domain is vital for affiliate marketing. If you choose the wrong domain name and build a website on that wrong, it will be difficult for you to profit from that site.


Let’s say you selected an English education product from the affiliate network you signed up for. You have decided to set up a website to promote the product. You hastily bought a domain of your choice without doing any research.

You set up your website on that domain. Months passed, and you worked so hard that you wrote 40-50 articles in total and added them to your site. Then you expect sales to explode.

You expect more…

If you are buying a domain without paying attention to the points I have explained below, it means that you have made your name among that large audience who are ignited by dreams of making money from the internet but do business without knowing the way. I congratulate you.

In order not to make this mistake, you need to learn some tricks about choosing a domain.

5 Golden Rules for Choosing the Best Domain Name:

The name search process is really stressful when you decide to start a blog to promote a product. Since the name you choose will be the identity and brand name of that block, you need to do research on the internet with all your attention.

Especially if you do not know what to pay attention to in this process, then the process of choosing a domain name becomes even more stressful.

If you do not want to experience these situations, here are 5 golden rules for choosing a domain:

#1 Use .COM or .NET Extension 

When you are going to set up a promotional blog, after deciding on the domain name, you should check whether the .COM or .NET extension of the domain is empty.

If these extensions of the name you have chosen have already been taken, you should go for another domain name. It has been proven in my experience that these extensions are much more useful in terms of SEO.

Of course, you should first check if the .COM extension of your chosen domain name is empty. Because this domain extension stays in people’s minds much easier. And most smartphones have “.COM” on their keyboard.

If you like a name very much, the .COM extension is full but the .NET extension is empty, you can take it and build your website.

But remember this: The first extension you will look at is .COM. 

Attention: Definitely stay away from extensions like “.PRO” “.INFO” “GEN.TR” “WEB.TR”.

#2 Use Keywords

The keyword is critical in determining the domain name. The keyword you use in your domain name tells search engines what topic the site is about.

Moreover, if this blog is equipped with quality articles, it will be much easier for you to rise in Google rankings.

Use keywords that summarize the subject you want to build a website on, and that are also searched regularly by people every month.

#3 Keep the Domain Name Short

The keyword is very important for domain selection, but you should also make sure that the name is short. Short names are always more memorable. Include the name of the website with a maximum of 3 words.

Ideally 2 words. Like “”… This is the ideal one. But unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a nice domain consisting of 2 words.

To give an example from our site, since this domain name is full, I did a keyword analysis and chose the domain name “”. If the domain name you are looking for is not empty, you can choose an alternative keyword consisting of 3 words.

#4 Do Keyword Analysis Well

I recommend you try to find a searched phrase on Google for the domain name. If you’re going to create a brand, it’s better to create unique brand names. But if you are setting up an affiliate blog, choosing the focused keywords sought by people as a domain name will make you successful in a shorter time.

If you are going to promote a product in English education, “” will be a focused domain name for selling products.

You can use Kwfinder and Google Keyword Planner analysis tools to do keyword analysis and find out search volumes.

The concept of focused keywords is very important in affiliate marketing. If you are planning to sell to people, you should choose the domain in accordance with this purpose.

If you are going to introduce a training kit that teaches English speaking, you should not buy a domain like “”. In this way, you limit the subject to translation only and attract people who are researching the subject of translation to your site. This domain is not suitable for the product you are promoting.

You can get “” instead. This name is more focused. Because our goal is to sell a video tutorial that teaches how to speak English.

But this name also includes those who are looking for an English course where they can study, not video lessons.

Domain names are much more focused. People who search for this keyword are already looking for English video lessons. It is much easier for us to sell the product to people who come to our site with this keyword.

#5 Using Hyphens (–) Between Words

Never use hyphens (-) between words in the domain. This creates an ugly appearance and is difficult for the user to remember. Because this is out of the ordinary.

While people remember the site name, they cannot remember that there are hyphens between the words. A domain name that separates words with a hyphen is also not a good structure for search engines.

Never make this mistake.

What is the Best Platform for Buying a Domain?

There are many platforms where you can buy a domain. There are many local and foreign websites that sell domain names.

My recommended site is

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