How to Create a Creative E-Mail Series?

The e-mail area is the area that will make the digital marketing job easier and enable you to reach the customers you want. In order to promote your products in the most effective way in this field, you need to create a creative e-mail series. Their new members will like to receive an effective welcome email from you and will guide you to the products you want.

In order to maximize the communication between you and your members, the e-mails you send must be creative and impressive. It is necessary to know certain steps to create a creative and impressive e-mail series in digital marketing. Let’s see these steps together and ask the questions you need to create a creative mailing series. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself to create a creative mailing series;

  • What do the services offered on my site promise to the person I reach?
  • What are the features that make my site different?
  • What information do I want to collect from users via mail?
  • What is the benefit of the mail series I prepared for customers?
  • What are my social media domains and prominent communication opportunities?
  • What are the highlights of the brands I offer?
  • Who do I want to attract?
  • Do I offer special discounts to attract attention by mail?
  • Why should someone who sees this e-mail open it and look?

Let’s see how to answer these questions. You have a virtual store. You should have digital showcases, just like those that catch people’s attention when they cross the road. Your e-mail will be your lively and up-to-date showcase. The user should understand from the e-mails you send why he should shop from this store and not from someone else. Emails should contain information about your blog and the product being promoted.

The ease of use of the online shopping site means that it is one step ahead. You should show the benefits of receiving e-mails from you to the customers. In other words, special discounts and promotions, information about the product, and opportunities that will make people who receive e-mails feel special should be included in their e-mails.

The prominent features of the brands you sell (such as ease of return-change) must be specified. Do not forget to get the necessary information from the users in order to do better marketing. Create e-mail content that will direct users to other social media accounts. Thus, you draw a more reliable profile.

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What are the Points to Consider in E-mail Marketing?

When sending e-mails to users;

  • The title should be strong and eye-catching. The person receiving the mail should want to open it and look.
  • In the sender part, the name of the marketing site or brand should be written, not the name of the person.
  • Personalized e-mails should be prepared. There should be a title and content according to the characteristics of the people who receive the mail.
  • E-mails should be kept short.
  • It should be mobile-compatible.
  • The title and content should be compatible with each other.
  • The template used should be impressive.
  • The sale should be mentioned as little as possible.

While creating a mail series, you can take a look at the e-bulletin models that are the most popular and attract the attention of users. For example, which e-mails do you find interesting and read? Or which ones happen in a way that doesn’t matter from the beginning?

Stereotyped words such as campaigns and discounts can now be repulsive to people. You should describe the benefits offered in a more creative way. There must be useful information.

You should prepare short and striking e-mails that are purposeful. You should send emails customized to users’ interests. You can send customized e-mails by following who likes what and buys them on social media. The emails you send should both appeal to everyone and make them feel special to the user.

E-mails with excessive advertising are repulsive. You should make more warm, sincere and reliable product promotions. Think about it, when you receive an e-mail, what makes you want to look at that e-mail among dozens of e-mails? When we say creative, we mean this point.

You must have an e-mail title that will make you wonder what this is. When the mail opens, you should make a short but effective redirect. You should find creative titles and content that will attract the attention of users and will not make them say advertisements again.

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More Effective Advertising with Personalized E-Mail Series

One of the biggest trump cards of the virtual world is to learn the consumption possibilities according to the movements of the users. You can create a personalized e-mail series by tracking which products your target users are interested in, their likes, and what they buy the most. Instead of addressing a general audience with general discourses, you can send e-mails that will introduce the products they are looking for to a certain audience.

You can send customized e-mails by tracking the searches made by the users, and the products they have added to the basket and purchased. To increase the number of members, it is necessary to reach more people. Options such as e-mail to a friend should be included in other social media shares.

So let’s say you shared a piece of content on social media and it was liked. You can forward this by e-mail. For those who are members, you also need to specify the discount advantages. Advantages such as gift vouchers should be offered for users who are members to invite their friends.

We have explained the steps you will take to create a creative E-Mail series in our article. Of course, you should also know that one of the most important points in e-mail marketing is to keep track of continuous and up-to-date e-mails. So you have to be creative, not pushy by over-advertising, arouse curiosity, and be up-to-date.

The template he uses should be modern and impressive. You should separate the people you e-mail with according to their characteristics and send e-mails according to their likes. You should constantly refresh and follow up on e-mail messages.

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