Marketing Mobile Websites

Marketing Mobile WebsitesMarketing Mobile Websites is the same as any other marketing strategy with a few minor differences.

Lots of people ask where I get my marketing information from which has enabled me to sell a lot of products and services over the past 13 years online and off.

Whether online, offline, or marketing mobile websites, the basic principles are all the same.

As Internet Marketers, we tend to box and tag everything however marketing is all about applying some basic principles which can be learned and applied very simply

Offline marketing, mobile marketing, Internet marketing, and all the other tags do not mean there is a whole different set of rules for each one.

Marketing products and services are all about providing information, the benefits, and what’s in it for the customer.

Convey these properly and you can have a very successful business.

Things like QR Codes coupons etc are simply tools to enhance the process.

There are millions of people who use them so do not leave one process out because it may not be as popular as others.

I also find that most IM people tend to follow what is presented nicely by other IM people and yet much of the information is of poor quality and usually has some underlying reason such as upsell etc.

learning to market your mobile websites successfully can be learned from other more reliable sources.

Marketing Mobile Websites

Doing training through resources that have no underlying agenda and are more in the mainstream will equip you much better.

If you go and search in Google “free online university college marketing courses” you will find lots of colleges and universities provide lecture notes and videos which are a lot of higher quality and have no hidden agenda.

A few samples

MIT: Universities with the Best Free Online Courses

Diploma Guide: Online Business Marketing Courses Offered Free by Top Colleges and Universities

Another great place is local government and council websites which provide training for local businesses.

Do some of these courses and apply them to your business and you will find it a lot more rewarding plus you won’t get spammed with all the additional offers which can dilute your focus.

Lastly, things like TED and other business groups can also provide a wide range of insight

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