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Maximizing Performance with Techking Heavy Duty Truck Tyres

When it comes to commercial and industrial applications, reliable heavy duty truck tyres play a vital role in ensuring performance, safety, and efficiency. Techking is a trusted brand that offers a wide range of heavy duty truck tyres designed to meet the demands of various industries. The TKDM III tire is a testament to Techking’s commitment to excellence, offering enhanced durability, superior load capacity, and advanced design elements.

Strengthened Middle Tread and Super Tire Bar Design

Techking’s TKDM III tire sets new standards for durability and longevity.        The tire incorporates a reinforced middle tread, which enhances the tire’s resistance to wear and tear, ensuring longer service life and reduced downtime. This feature is particularly beneficial for heavy duty trucks that frequently operate in demanding conditions, such as construction sites and off-road terrains. Furthermore, the TKDM III tire boasts a Super Tire Bar Design, which optimizes traction and stability.

Better Wearing Resistance Performance and Contact Plus Design

Techking’s TKDM III tire is engineered with better-wearing resistance performance in mind. The tire’s advanced compound formulation ensures even wear and reduces the risk of premature tire replacement. Additionally, the TKDM III tire features Techking’s Contact Plus Design, which optimizes the contact area between the tire and the road surface. This design element improves traction and distributes the load evenly, resulting in improved stability and extended tire life.

Impressive Load Capacity and Stronger Tire Bead

One of the standout features of the TKDM III tire is its remarkable load capacity.  Specifically, the size of 325/95R24 offers a maximum load capacity of 130%, providing unparalleled strength and stability for heavy duty truck operations.


Techking’s TKDM III tire exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, durable, and innovative solutions for heavy duty truck applications.   With features such as a strengthened middle tread, Super Tire Bar Design, better wearing resistance performance, Contact Plus Design, impressive load capacity, and stronger tire bead, Techking sets the benchmark for excellence in the industry.  Demanders seeking heavy duty truck tyres can trust Techking’s expertise and reliability.

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