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A Mobile technology portal is all that is. Founded and launched by Cloudpeermedia technologies on July 30, 2014, mainly concentrates on Mobile and Mobile related Reviews publication. The main focus of this portal is to research and publish all latest and updated mobiles with their technology and also mobile-related products and their technology. It not only ends up in covering news regarding mobiles but also provides reviews on Mobiles and its related products in a genuine manner and with this also gets its readers to focus on new mobile startups. The main vision and mission of this portal and the people behind are to provide its readers all that they want related to mobile trends.

Plot for raising the portal:

The plot for raising this Mobile technology portal came from the hurdles faced by Smarmobtech personnel while investing in our own personal smartphones. In a way to get the best and economic smartphones requires a lot of research and knowledge as only then we would not end up buying unworthy smartphones. With the trending Smartphone market around the world, one can find numerous smartphones with different specifications, features, and pricing. It becomes really difficult for a person to choose the right one from this ocean of Smartphones, be it Apple’s iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Micromax, Xolo, LG, Karbonn, Motorola, Asus, and now recently the buzz creator Xiaomi.

Extensive research before buying a smartphone is really required to get the best and most satisfactory one. And for doing this extensive research on the specifications and technology like hardware and software of smartphones, people may follow methods like checking the newspapers, advertisements, consulting their friends and family, surfing through the internet, and so on. Of all these methods it is a well-known fact that today people are all the time browsing and so they would defiantly opt for a website that could help them in revealing all the positives and negatives of every Smartphone. Understanding this led to the creation and launching of

At the SmartMobTech portal, one can for sure get his questions answered with regards to Smartphone and mobile space technological terms. Be it questions like what an ideal Smartphone display should and pixel be? How the performance of a Smartphone is really related to its processor kinds? How much RAM is really good? What should be the camera density for getting good pictures? What cost is really ideal for a Smartphone make? All these questions and many more raising within readers can get their answers in this web portal.
SmartMobTech aims at establishing itself as an independent online mobile technology review portal by giving its customers in-depth analysis by examining the mobile space, future changing technological rumors, and providing detailed guides and how-to that will enable our readers to make the most use of their devices. This web portal will be the one-stop site for all mobile and mobile-related queries. And we would defiantly work towards achieving it.

Some of the Site articles:
€ Pebbles’ Fruity Stylish Wearables – wearable related review
€ Nanu: Skype/Viber Challenger Launched – app review
€ Switch Quickly Between Apps – app review
€ 6-inch Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro With Quad-HD Display Launched – Mobile review
€ Quad-Core 5.5€ KitKat Micromax A108 Canvas L Listed – Mobile review
€ Dual-Core 5€ KitKat Celkon Signature Two A500 Launched – Mobile review

Working hard every single day SmartMobTech assures its, readers, to provide a unique user experience from the Mobile technology perspective and on things related to the fast-paced world of smartphones. It would try to be the genuine and honest user-appreciated site in the world in providing comprehensive reviews and guides related to Mobile and Mobile related product technology.

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