Home Entertainment Features to Consider when Buying Home Theater Projector

Features to Consider when Buying Home Theater Projector

Features to Consider when Buying Home Theater Projector

Are you looking for buying a good quality home theater projector? Before considering price rates and discount offers, you have to look at the features and aspects that a home theater projector basically includes.

And then you need to ensure that you choose the good resolution and best quality model for the amount you pay. Given below are the features and elements that you need to recognize if you are looking for a home theater projector to buy.


Basically, there are 3 kinds of home theater projectors having both positive and negative features. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is one of the types that function on outdated technology and is not actually made anymore. CRT model projectors are now available secondhand.

Another type of Digital Light Processing (DLP) is using the latest technology and the last one Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is what we mostly see in the appliance stores these days. This is the most recent project type to choose from.

Length Distance

This term is generally required to be clarified because it is the most important thing you have to consider. Length distance is the space from the device to the wall and therefore, you should make the right measurement of your room’s dimension before buying the home theater projector.


If you want to move the project to other rooms, then you must consider this element. However, most home theater projectors are kept in the same place rather than moving from one room to another. So, this would not be an important feature to consider.

Pixel density

If you choose a higher pixel count, then you will have a better viewing experience. If you are having a High-definition television, then pixel density is very important to consider. The optimum pixel density is 1080p however, your device may only need 720p. The more your pixel density is, the better and clearer your movie would be.


This term refers to the parts that you can fix to the projector. It can be HDMI ports, S-Video, USB ports, etc. Ensure that your projector can be attached to all other gadgets that you require in the home theater room.


This basically indicates how bright and clear your projector screen should look. You can go through reviews to find out the point levels wherein the picture gets the bright of your taste.

Contrast level

Contact level is what measures the brightness. It shows the variance between dark and light images. If the projector’s contrast ratio is 2000, then it is considered as an outstanding quality.

A large number of manufacturers are making superior quality home theater projectors, including Acer, Epson, BenQ, NEC, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Optoma, Sony, Sanyo, and Toshiba. As per 2012 reviews, the best and top home theater projectors are manufactured by Panasonic, Epson, and Optoma.

When a person invests a good amount of money to buy a home theater projector, he/she will also want to know about the warranty period guaranteed by the manufacturers. Furthermore, it is customer support service that buyers will want to know even though they expect to never go for the same.

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