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 New88 – a familiar name for players who are passionate about card games with prizes on the market. This house brings many outstanding advantages and attracts a large number of participating players of all ages. Together Home page New88 Go deeper into the card game portal to exchange prizes New88 right in the article below.

General introduction to the prize exchange card game New88

Nhà Cái New88 There is a reputable publisher that many people play today.Dealer online games with rewards New88 Win has a new version with the most optimal experience, smooth gameplay and many extremely eye-catching effects.

In particular, the system also integrates a diverse gaming system and many operating systems compatible with the game. Besides, you can freely play games without worrying about account lag or overheating. Besides, you can also easily bring in a security system, protecting personal accounts and customer data absolutely.

New88 Guide to one of the quality gaming products that many people love to play. Especially the genres involved in playing card games for prizes at the online game house is one of the bookmakers that gives a big winning rate of more than 91% – this is an extremely high winning rate.

Evaluate the advantages of New88

To achieve the current quality and large number of members, the house New88 I’ve put a lot of effort into perfecting my website. From there, it brings customers extremely outstanding advantages, specifically as follows:

Huge store of betting games

Betting games at New88 Diverse with extremely interesting games, suitable for the common tastes of Asians, especially in Vietnam. From sports, online casino, lottery, fish shooting to exchange prizes… it’s all there.

The rules are simple and apply the most popular rules, everyone can quickly get used to it and start betting. Moreover, professional betting odds and attractive bonuses for players.

Dedicated customer care

With many years of experience operating in Asian and Vietnamese markets. New88 Always understanding players, ready to support at any time to help players get the information they want.

People can contact support through many channels such as hotline, email, comments on the website,… 24/7 support time with many different time zones. Professional support style, gentle and dedicated attitude.

Attractive promotional program

New88 also encourages players to participate in many forms promotion codeI’m terrible. When players are VIP members, they will have many incentives and privileges. Some regular offers at New88. Receive a 100% bonus of the first deposit value: Applicable to new players who successfully register at New88. This maximum value reaches 20 million VND, applies to all betting products, players can participate in 20 betting rounds to withdraw promotional money.

Promotions can include:

  • Newbie promotion when joining and successfully registering an account.
  • Organize promotional events such as 100% bonus on first deposit value, second deposit will increase 20% -50% depending on value
  • 150% bonus when players deposit to play the lottery.
  • 4 million VND bonus for players who reach the top in the fish shooting slot game
  • Unlimited refund at 1.5%.
  • Race to the top of the rankings to receive rewards every week and month.

Besides these attractive promotions, the online game exchange house also offers many diverse games that you must definitely play online right away to enjoy the best entertainment.

Withdraw money – Deposit money quickly

To support players participating in the promotion, they can feel free to participate New88, the house supports players with quick payment transactions. Especially, the payment method is quick and easy so players can pay anytime, anywhere without worrying about limits.

Linking with many banks and e-wallets for players’ convenience when paying. These affiliate transactions and payments are guided, players can refer to the articles or call customer service staff immediately for advice.

Competitive redemption rate

When depositing payment and withdrawing cash to redeem rewards, New88 Support all customers to perform operations with an attractive reward ratio of 1:1. These forms of payment are diverse via banks, e-wallets or phone scratch cards and retain the same value. Odds are also synchronized in every card game here New88, so everyone can freely participate in the game without having to worry about anything.

Possessing many advantages is one of the important ways to help the house become one of the reputable bookmakers providing online card games with rewards. If you want to join the game, don’t hesitate to join us at the house. See detailed instructions on how to participate below.

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Evaluate the bookmaker’s disadvantages New88

Although it brings many outstanding advantages to customers, New88 Some disadvantages still remain. As follows:

  • There are also quite a lot of advertising programs in the game, obscuring some details in the game interface, making you feel quite inconvenient during the betting process.
  • Frequently changing domain names makes it difficult for players to grasp information and access the house’s homepage.

No unit on the market is 100% perfect, so the appearance of these shortcomings is completely normal for customers. New88. Hopefully the team New88 will soon improve those things in the future to increasingly improve the quality of the house.

Games at the house New88

Attractive online game bookmaker has many advantages, such as an attractive and diverse game store. Because of all types of online games with rewards, the house New88 has gradually become one of the bookmakers providing the most prize-winning card games:

  • Head to the South
  • Poker
  • Mau Binh
  • Blackjack
  • Ba Cao
  • Lieng
  • Place Bomb, Sicbo, Lottery, Super Car, Red Black, Fruit Supper, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Landlord, Bau Cua, Spinning Animals, …

Online card games with attractive prizes from the house New88 Professionally invested and provided with the highest quality and classiest entertainment space. This is one of the reasons why many people participate in playing online games to redeem attractive prizes here. Especially besides card games, the house also offers other attractive Fish Shooting, Bau Cua, and Number Games that you cannot miss.

Instructions for registering to play at New88

Players who successfully register a game account have a chance to receive 100k. This is the support from New88 so that everyone can start a successful business when playing games here. To receive 100k, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit our website New88, or application New88 After downloading to your phone and clicking the Register button.

Step 2: Then the system will display a dialog box with blank fields, you fill in the required information. Specifically

  • account name
  • Display name
  • Password: Confirm Password
  • Phone number

Step 3: Check the information again and click Register to confirm completion of the operation. Enter and check the OTP code for the system to confirm the information and money will be added to the player’s game account.


In this article we have shared all the information related to the card game house with prizes New88. Hopefully you have grasped the necessary knowledge before deciding to bet here. What are you waiting for, join today to win extremely valuable rewards!

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