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Unveiling Magen Biotech’s Premium Laboratory Detergent

Magen Biotech proudly presents its superior Laboratory Detergent, designed to meet the stringent cleaning requirements of modern laboratories. With a focus on quality and performance, Magen Biotech ensures that their laboratory detergent goes above and beyond in delivering exceptional cleaning results. Laboratories can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of Magen Biotech’s product to maintain a pristine and hygienic workspace, crucial for accurate research outcomes and experiments.

Triton X-100: A Science-Backed Core Raw Material

At the heart of Magen Biotech’s Laboratory Detergent lies the renowned Triton X-100, a core raw material essential for nucleic acid extraction. Following rigorous screening and quality control measures, Triton X-100 emerges as a non-ionic surfactant with unparalleled properties. Its stability in solution, ability to interact with lipids and membrane proteins, and role in enhancing cell membrane permeability highlight its significance in laboratory applications. Scientists and researchers can rely on Triton X-100’s proven efficacy to support their nucleic acid extraction processes with precision and consistency.

Superior Performance in Laboratory Cleaning Solutions by Magen Biotech

Magen Biotech sets a new standard in laboratory cleaning solutions with its exceptional product range. The incorporation of Triton X-100 into their laboratory detergent exemplifies their commitment to excellence and innovation. By leveraging the unique properties of Triton X-100, Magen Biotech’s laboratory cleaning solution effectively removes contaminants, oils, and residues from lab equipment and surfaces. Laboratories benefit from a thorough and reliable cleaning experience, ensuring a sanitized environment conducive to optimal research outcomes and experiments.


Magen Biotech’s Laboratory Detergent stands out as a premium cleaning solution tailored to meet the specific needs of modern laboratories. With an unwavering focus on quality and performance, Magen Biotech delivers a superior product that exceeds expectations. Powered by the exceptional properties of Triton X-100, their laboratory detergent offers unmatched cleaning efficacy and reliability. Laboratories can trust in Magen Biotech to provide the highest standards of cleanliness, enabling them to conduct research and experiments with confidence. Choose Magen Biotech for excellence in laboratory cleaning solutions and elevate your laboratory standards to new heights.

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