What is a Dealer? Conditions to Become a Professional Dealer

For new players, it’s probably a term What is a dealer? quite strange. In the article below, Neu88 will introduce this career in detail to help bettors understand its meaning and privileges. If you also have the same questions, let’s sit down and answer them together!

What is the term Dealer?

In online casinos, Dealer is a male/female employee who is in charge of business at the house. They not only have a wide knowledge of the games here but also have extremely sharp and skillful speaking skills. Normally, people who want to register to become a Dealer must undergo special training in both skills and behavior.

For Dealers at international bookmakers, there are very high requirements for foreign language proficiency (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,…). In addition, to serve their work, they must also have a certain understanding of games to analyze and predict odds.

Usually in each game, the Dealer will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Distribute the cards.
  • Observe players to prevent any cheating.
  • Predict bad situations that may happen in the game.
  • Publish the result.

It can be seen that being a Dealer is not an easy thing. You need to have both IQ and EQ to satisfy all customers who come to the house.

After the Dealer has experience operating at the house and has enough experience, you can completely separate to do business on your own or register as an agent. This will be an opportunity to earn a huge extra income for participants.

What are the conditions for you to become a Dealer?

Not everyone wants to be able to become a professional Dealer, they must have many qualities and practice to master the skills. So some conditions for you to become What is a dealer??

Have a basic understanding of casino games

This is one of the prerequisites for you to become a professional Dealer. Because not all players clearly understand the rules of the games. So in this case, the Dealer will act as a consultant to help them understand the rules.

Have good communication skills in languages ​​(English, Chinese, Korean,…)

Normally, the casino will have a variety of customers from many countries. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for Dealers to have good language skills to communicate and exchange with bettors.

Dealer needs to have sharpness, keenness and good observation ability

In traditional casinos, there are a huge number of players participating every day. Therefore, the Dealer’s ability to observe keenly and react flexibly is the very minimum requirement. If you want to apply for this position, you should practice to improve your skills.

It can be seen that becoming a professional Dealer is not easy. They have to go through many rigorous selection rounds as well as compete with countless opponents to take on this position. According to our statistics, the odds of becoming a Dealer are 1:10.

What are the special benefits of Dealer?

As you know, the nature of the job is not working at fixed hours and there is great environmental pressure. Therefore, the house’s remuneration policy for Dealers is extremely generous. Usually they will be rewarded with a commission of up to 5% of total profit each month.
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However, along with such attractive benefits come equally risks. If the Dealer exceeds 40% of the total bet, the commission will be deducted or the rating will be poor. However, this case rarely happens, so you can rest assured.

What is the reason you should register to be a Dealer?

The reasons you should register to be a Dealer at bookmakers include the following:

  • The house is a large-scale betting and entertainment unit, so they have a system of well-trained and professional staff who are very suitable for you to practice.
  • The attractive commission level of up to 5% of the house’s profit each month is what attracts many people to apply for this position.
  • Have the opportunity to interact and interact with many social classes, thereby expanding relationships.
  • Dealers will train themselves to be agile and flexible.
  • Have the opportunity to visit many regions both domestically and internationally and experience many high-class services at Asia’s leading bookmakers.
  • Dealer will be paid a clear green reward at the prescribed time.

 New88 introduced you to the concept What is a dealer? so people can better understand this work. It can be seen that this is one of the “money-making” careers and is highly sought after.

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