Cockfighting Terms That Players Need To Understand

Cockfighting term are concepts that often appear in matches as well as the process of caring for and training them. As a person who is passionate about this subject, you definitely need to understand the meaning in order to be able to communicate and integrate with the betting community. And if you are new to joining and learning about this section, don’t miss the information summary article brought by TRANG CHỦ NEW88 right below.

Why is it necessary to understand cockfighting terms?

In any field of entertainment, there will always be technical terms that only those with extensive knowledge can understand and use. The same goes for cockfighting, when participating, you will be exposed to a lot of terms related to equipment, rules of the game, care, training, etc. Not only that, these phrases are also used. expressed in many different ways, depending on each locality and region.

When you first start participating in cockfighting, not understanding the terminology can make you feel difficult and self-conscious when communicating with other cockfighters. And to avoid falling into this situation, please take the time to learn through the information sharing section below of NEW88.

List of common cockfighting terms

The vocabulary in cockfighting is extremely diverse. The process of preparation, training or competition will have its own descriptive terms. Here are some commonly used slang words:

Cockfighting terminology in training activities

During the process of training chickens, you will easily come across the following technical terms:

  • Walking: Is a training method for fighting cocks, usually done when they are 7-8 months old. During this process, the chicken will focus on covering its beak to increase strength in parts such as the legs, neck, and body to prepare for fights.
  • Rolling beam: This cockfighting term refers to soaking the chicken’s feet in medicine, often combining salt water and urine to make them stronger and increase their strength when performing attacks.
  • Cage running: Cage running or cage running is when the breeder keeps them in a cage and releases another animal outside so they can observe and play with each other. The purpose of this method is to help fighting cocks become more aggressive and not afraid of the enemy.
  • Fog pants: A method of training in the morning when it is still foggy with the purpose of increasing health, resistance and flexibility.
  • Braised chicken: This cockfighting term refers to the fact that cockers will often use folk remedies such as green tea or mugwort to improve chicken skin, prevent skin diseases, and increase fighting power.

Cockfighting term used in fighting matches

During the competition, there will also be separate words to refer to these activities including:

  • Bien: This is a cockfighting term referring to the referee in a cockfight called “bien.”
  • Nai: The person in charge and fixing the cocks is called “nai,” and there is one jockey for each team. During the fight, only the handler can communicate with the cock.
  • Lure the chickens: The cockerel will let the two chickens face each other but keep their tails to create a feeling of excitement and fighting before the official competition.
  • Cockfighting: The cock is released to try out a few moves without an official fight. At the same time, it is necessary to cover their spurs and beaks to prevent them from harming each other.

The term cockfighting refers to equipment and tools

Before competing, the chickens will also be equipped with a number of tools with the following names and meanings:

  • Cushion cover: Traditional item made from grass or water hyacinth, containing chicken with ventilation holes located on the outside.
  • Stacking cabinet: Usually square in shape and designed to hold cocks during the waiting period before the start of a fight. These items are usually of appropriate size and removable.
  • Chicken tray: Also known as an inverted cage, is a diverse tool with many shapes, made from zinc or bamboo. They are often used to cover the chickens while they bask in the sun or when training their feet to till the soil.
  • Chicken tents are a common item at large international chicken farms, with roofs to protect fighters from rain and sun. Most of them are designed to create a comfortable space for chickens, with the ability to move easily during use.
  • Corpse cage: Also an item to contain chickens, usually made from bamboo or rattan. Compared to cushion covers, carrying cages help reduce the risk of chicken tail breakage and come in many different sizes to suit the cock’s weight.


So, above is the entire share of NEW88.land about common cockfighting terms. Hopefully this reference will help you better understand the meaning of these special words.

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