Instructions for new players on how to play Sam Loc in detail at Hi88

How to play Sam Loc At Nhà Cái Hi88, exactly what happens and how to always win will be revealed in detail. In the article below, we – the experts at Hi88 – will give you the most detailed instructions to help you play Sam Loc effectively right from your first experience.

Basic information about the card game Sam Loc

Before looking How to play Sam Loc, gamers need to clearly understand some basic information of the game. Some knowledge you need to know is as follows:

What is Sam Loc card?

Sam or Sam cyclone is a quite attractive game, using the familiar 52-card deck of cards. According to general assessment, this game is quite similar to Tien Tien card game. Each game of ginseng betting will have the participation of 2-4 people. The capital level at Hi88 is quite diverse, gamers can bet from 100 VND to 100k.

To start playing, each person is dealt 10 random cards. The person holding the smallest piece on the table will play first. The next playing position must be able to block the previous player’s cards to have the right to enter the round.

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Terminology in card games

Like many other games, ginseng also has its own defined terms. At this point, you need to understand it so that you can apply and proceed with ginseng in the most convenient way.

  • Eat white: Win points as soon as the cards are dealt. Those cases include:
  • Dragon hall (10 card hall)
  • Quarter 2
  • 10 pieces form 5 pairs
  • 10 pieces of the same color black or red
  • 3 repentance aunt
  • Ask the village or rob it: NIf your card is good enough, you can win first place in just one shot, at this point you can “Please ask the village”. If you succeed, you get all the bonus points, if you fail, you have to pay the village (pay all the losses of that game).
  • Odd cards: The cards are not arranged in pairs, straights or four of a kind.
  • Pair: A type of card consisting of 2 numbers of the same number arranged together.
  • Straight: Contains 3 cards with consecutive numbers or more.
  • Sam: Formed when there are 3 cards of the same number in the card.
  • Four of a Kind: Player has 4 cards of the same number.

How to play Sam Loc at reputable bookmaker Hi88

Playing Sam Loc is not too difficult, the rules are quite simple and bettors will easily play well after just a few games. The specific way to beat ginseng is as follows:

Rules for playing Sam Loc game

When entering the first game, the person with the lowest card will have priority to play first. In the next game, the first player is the account that won before. Each game will include 2-4 participants. The positions will play cards in turn clockwise. The next card must be able to block the previous player’s move, otherwise it will be considered a missed turn.

The blocking rule of this game is: Odd pieces will block in order from largest to smallest, starting with piece 3 and ending with piece 2. Set blocks set, sham blocks sham and straight can block straight with the condition that there must be degree. equal in length and the back is larger than the front.

Four of a kind will block any 2s played. This special link can also block the four of a kind if larger. If you play out and no one can block, you will continue to play.

When the player’s cards are down to only 1 card, he must perform “Village Report”. In How to play Sam Loc standard, the player cannot end with a 2. The game will end when one person at the table runs out of all cards.

The most accurate way to calculate points in the card game Sam Loc

How to play Sam Loc will tWin points are calculated based on the bet level of the game you choose. The number of remaining cards in each member’s hand will be multiplied and returned to the winner. However, there will be some cases where there will be a different scoring method, specifically:

  • Winning white: The winning amount will include the total: 20 cards per house* bet level + 2 + Four of a kind
  • Freeze: 15 cards* bet amount
  • Asking for the village/Village temple: 20 cards* bet level* number of participants
  • Chop 2: 15 leaves/ 1 card 2
  • Rotten 2: 5 leaves/head
  • Four of a kind chop four of a kind: 10 leaves/set
  • Cut the stack: 15 leaves* the number of stacks
  • In addition, in the hand when down to 2, four of a kind will be counted as losing 2.

Some tips for playing Sam Loc for new players

After getting it How to play Sam Loc To win big, you also need to know some other tips. This will help bettors easily conquer card games quickly and gain the biggest bonuses. A few selected tips for new players when playing ginseng are reviewed as follows:

Always prioritize playing straight

If you are the player who gets to play first, give priority to hitting the straight. The longer the straight, the better you should play your cards first, both to prevent your opponent from blocking and to best help you reduce the number of cards in your hand. At this time, the player can quickly win or if he loses, the amount of money lost will be less.

How to play Sam Loc effectively with a reasonable 2nd move

2 will become more effective when placed in the correct position. The way to play cyclone to avoid rotting 2 is when you have too odd cards or your opponent has all the cards, get rid of this card as soon as possible. Because rotten 2 will lose a lot of money compared to other leaves.

Pay close attention to run the article quickly

Please pay attention whenThe opponents at the table already have very few leaves left or someone has announced ginseng. One piece of advice for bettors in this case is to run the cards quickly. You need to play the pieces even if you have to separate sets and straights to minimize the number of cards in your hand.

Above are some instructions from Hi88 How to play Sam Loc for newbies. This card game has many attractive points, the rules are also relatively simple. If you want to win when playing games, learn to observe and master their basic information.

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