Face LSAT Jakarta With These 7 Success Tips

LSAT scores are very important for those of you who want to enter law school. This test aims to measure your ability to excel in law school. You can take the Jakarta LSAT preparation class at English Bridge.

Because of the narrow purpose of this test, the LSAT is very different from other tests. You must understand the format of this test and each question on the test to get the maximum score. The LSAT is divided into five separate sections, namely analytical reasoning, two logical reasoning sections, and reading comprehension, and writing sections.

The writing section is usually provided by each law school you apply to. For each other, you will be given about 35 minutes and have to answer 24 to 28 questions. The logical reasoning section of the LSAT takes the most weight, about 50 percent of your final score.

The logical reasoning section will usually test your ability to analyze and critique arguments that have been previously presented to you. For the analytical reasoning section, there will be four logic games that test your ability to understand a complex relationship structure.

Reading comprehension is not much different from the tests in general. This section asks you to understand what you have read in a limited time. The maximum score you will get on this exam is 180, but just getting a score of 170 puts you in the 98th percentile.

Admissions officers on the LSAT feel that the good performance you did while taking your bachelor’s degree may not have much effect on your future success in law school.

Therefore, considering that the LSAT is used as a benchmark for your ability to enter law school, it is important for you to be able to allocate significant time and energy before taking this test. Here are tips you can use to get started preparing for the LSAT:

01. Time Management for Jakarta LSAT Preparation

Many do not have good time management to prepare for the Jakarta LSAT. On average, they make preparations that are tight because they are busy. Usually, they spend time studying and doing practice questions non-stop on weekends.

No matter how busy you are, you must have good study management. Try to practice the LSAT every day. Andrew Brody, director of national content for the LSAT program compares preparing for the LSAT with good time management with preparation for the LSAT done in a hurry.

As a result, hasty preparations are ineffective. Because you can’t absorb lessons in a short time. To be able to understand something well requires a long process.

Meanwhile, someone who prepares for the Jakarta LSAT with good time management, and regularly studies every day will get better results than those who prepare in a hurry.

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02. Analyzing Wrong Answers Will Improve Ability

When taking the Jakarta LSAT, you are faced with an unusual nature of questions. You have to practice it regularly to get used to the format of the exam.

Just doing practice questions is not enough. After you do the practice questions, don’t just look at the scores you get just record every score you get. Every time you finish working on the practice questions, try to pay attention to any questions you missed and try to distinguish what caused you to make mistakes when answering questions.

You will experience a slight improvement when you get a decent score on the practice test but don’t analyze the wrong answers. But for those of you who, after practicing and analyzing mistakes, will experience a considerable improvement and it will greatly affect the score you will get later.

Some of you who take preparatory courses think that analyzing incorrect answers is the task of the tutor at the tutoring center. In fact, it would be better and more effective if you did the analysis yourself, even with the help of the teacher in the tutoring place.

03. LSAT Jakarta Preparation Alone or With a Teacher?

On the LSAT test, your strengths and weaknesses will be more clearly exposed than on other standardized tests. LSAT has analytical properties that can be seen from most of the questions that arise during the exam so that individual abilities will be more visible on this test.

To face the Jakarta LSAT, it is better for you to prepare yourself compared to friends or study groups. Usually, when you study with friends or in study groups, you only review the exam in general rather than focusing on specific weaknesses in yourself.

Doing the LSAT is unpredictable, you have to use logic and think analytically. Try to see what your shortcomings are, do the exercises yourself, or be assisted by an experienced teacher.

The LSAT is a skill-based test and every one is unique. Even if you prepare for the LSAT test together with friends, doing the same assignments, and the same preparatory exercises, you will have very different results. Because everyone has different abilities.

04. Sharpen Critical Thinking

The LSAT will not test the lessons you learned in high school unless some subjects in college such as logic, philosophy, or critical writing can prepare you for the exam. Because the course will require you to analyze complex theories or texts and current ideas gathered from texts in a concise and logical manner, which is similar to the demands of the LSAT.

What is important when taking the Jakarta LSAT test is that you can understand and express complex concepts. For example, you could take a course that requires a lot of solid reading on an unfamiliar topic. These courses can help you make it easier to understand reading on the LSAT.

05. Do a Trial Exercise Before Taking the Jakarta LSAT

The analytical reasoning section or logic games is one of the most difficult sections because this section is very different from other standardized tests. In this section, each asks five to seven questions. You are required to understand the complex hypothetical relationship between many parties or an object.

The easiest way to deal with this is to sort out the relationships so they can be more easily visualized and understood. This method is easier than collecting answers than just reading the text and answering questions.

06. Answer all questions on the LSAT exam

On the SAT, if you answer incorrectly, your score is deducted. On the LSAT test, there is no penalty for getting wrong answers. So it is very important for you to answer all the questions.

In this test, each question has the same value weight. Difficult questions with easy questions have the same rating weight. So don’t get stuck with difficult questions.

Answer the easy questions first and work on the difficult questions if you have time left. It is better for you to answer as many easy questions as possible, rather than getting stuck on difficult questions and working on them in a hurry.

07. Detect Easy Questions On LSAT

Regarding the structure of the LSAT, questions in the analytical reasoning and reading comprehension sections tend to be more difficult than others. Usually, the problem cases in the first logic game section are simpler than the next, and the first reading section will be easier to understand than the next.

In the logical reasoning section, the difficulty also increases as you progress on the test. But in the end in the middle and the part near the end of the question it will become easier again.

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