iPhone 6 has a super standard screen size for Vietnamese people

Currently, most smartphones use a 5-inch screen and consider that size to be the standard size, but in fact, the 4.7-inch size of the iPhone 6 is exactly the standard for Vietnamese people.

iPhone 6 is Apple’s 8th generation of iPhone and is the 4th generation of iPhone to be completely changed in design (previous iPhone models have major design changes including iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5). However, it is not too big of a change or too strange for Apple fans because the iPhone 6’s appearance is heavily inherited from the 5th generation iPod Touch. New details in the design of the iPhone 6 – Rounded corners and edges, slim body – all quite similar to the 5th generation iPod Touch.
Compared to the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 is larger and slightly heavier, but with a much thinner body (6.9 mm and 7.6 mm). The thin body combined with the rounded edges and corners and the glass adjacent to the monolithic aluminum frame around the device is also slightly bent, not beveled like on the iPhone 5/5s, making it easier to hold the iPhone. 6 is very pleasant. However, in terms of grip, Apple’s new product with a flat back design is not as good as the HTC One M8, which uses a beveled case design towards the edges.

The body of the iPhone 6 uses 3 materials with different shrinkage including front protective glass, rear plastic strip, and monolithic aluminum frame, but it must be said that Apple has done a very good job in mechanical design and assembly. . The lines on the machine all match together very perfectly, there are no gaps. The details on the sides of the machine such as the power key, volume, audio jack, and speaker slot are all neatly and sophisticatedly cut mechanically.

However, the design of the iPhone 6 has a few points that make the product significantly reduce the sophistication inherent in Apple products. That is the size of the large and prominent plastic strip behind the device, so it looks quite rough, the rear camera is convex because the body is too thin while the camera part cannot be more compact and the screen border ratio of the device is not dark yet. compared to Android devices, such as LG G2.

Overall, the iPhone 6 has been completely redesigned compared to the iPhone 5s. The machine has a larger size, has soft rounded edges, and is thinner than previous generations. The features that create a class in the design of the iPhone such as monolithic aluminum and the details on the polished edges are still inherited, but the sophistication of the iPhone has been reduced quite a lot when Apple deliberately maintained it. Maintaining the thinness makes the rear camera protruding look bad if a protective case is not used, especially the details of the large, rough plastic strip.

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