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Nuole’s Stylish and High-Performance Electric Golf Buggy

Nuole, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, has released its new NL-WG2.G electric golf buggy, designed for the ultimate in comfort and performance. With its sleek design, advanced features, and eco-friendly operation, this electric golf buggy for sale is perfect for golf enthusiasts who demand the best.

Eco-Friendly and Stylish

The NL-WG2.G is powered by a 48V/5KW AC motor, ensuring a smooth and powerful ride. It offers a driving range of over 80km on a single charge, making it ideal for a full day of golf without the need to recharge. The buggy’s carbon steel integral frame and Macpherson Independent Suspension ensure a comfortable ride, even over rough terrain.

Advanced Features

This electric golf buggy comes equipped with stylish headlights that not only illuminate the way but also add to the buggy’s overall look. An LCD touch screen provides a user-friendly interface, allowing golfers to link their bluetooth devices, listen to music, or tune into the radio. The driver operating table offers a range of customization options, ensuring a personalized driving experience.

Off-Road Performance

With its high chassis and big ground clearance, the NL-WG2.G can handle any terrain, making it perfect for those who enjoy playing golf in less-than-ideal conditions. The aluminum floor offers durability and ease of cleaning, while the thoughtful water cup holders on the armrests ensure convenience for the golfer.


Nuole’s NL-WG2.G electric golf buggy is the perfect choice for golf enthusiasts who demand the best in comfort, performance, and style. With its advanced features, eco-friendly operation, and off-road capabilities, this buggy is sure to become a hit with distributors and agents alike. Nuole’s commitment to innovation and quality make this electric golf buggy a top choice in the industry.

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