Portable Molecular Workstation iPonatic® III Unveiled

Look out for the iPonatic® III, Sansure‘s portable molecular workstation. The device, presented at this year’s Diagnostics Business Exhibition Medica 2022 in Germany, is an important innovation for the molecular analysis industry.

Sansure at Medica 2022

Sansure presided over a press conference announcing the brand-new iPonatic® III – Portable Molecular Workstation during the event. On stage, technicians demonstrated how the apparatus worked and gave the audience an overview of its main functions and applications.

What is the iPonatic® III Portable Molecular Workstation?

The Sansure Portable Molecular Workstation iPonatic® III is designed for the research and analysis of molecular data. It can sensitively and quickly diagnose infectious diseases such as SARS so that patients can receive timely treatment, and it is a new type of point-of-care testing.

The user-friendly, portable iPonatic® III molecular testing instrument delivers extremely accurate test findings in 45 minutes. The apparatus is based on a one-tube fast-release and quick PCR amplification technique and has FDA and CE approval. Additional sample processing, nuclear acid extraction, purification, PCR amplification, fluorescence detection, and result processing optimization is achieved with Sansure POCT solution.

Other applications of iPonatic® III

Additionally, iPonatic® III provides a comprehensive and expandable testing menu that satisfies the testing requirements of various pathogens. The technology, which guarantees an unmatched level of mobility and versatility, finds use in a variety of circumstances, including:

Medical facilities

Emergency spaces

Frequency clinics

Remote locations




The workstation’s ultimate goal is to deliver lab-caliber molecular diagnostics to point-of-care medical offices, clinics, and pharmacies to ensure critical assistance for local healthcare systems around the world.


Sansure, an experienced provider of in vitro diagnostic solutions, presented their iPonatic III model at the recent German Medical Fair. If you are interested in this machine, don’t hesitate to contact Sansure.

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