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Website for mobile devices

Discover the secrets of how to develop a website for mobile devices!

Over the last few posts, we have discussed how to build a website for mobile devices and we have looked at our custom stretch and fit the script and many of the other tools we provide on the membership site.

Today let’s look at some of the stats and why customers need a website for mobile devices.


As you can see the mobile market is just going through the roof overtaking the PC market and so it just makes sense if you are a business you should have a website for mobile devices to capture some of this incredible traffic.

Mary Meeker, a managing director at Morgan Stanley and head of the global technology research team, has released her latest massively detailed “State of the Internet” report, which she has been putting out periodically since 1995.

And what does Meeker see in her crystal ball this year? Two overwhelming trends that will affect consumers, the hardware/infrastructure industry, and the commercial potential of the web: mobile and social networking.

Website for mobile devices

Now, these are not just some statistics I pulled out of the air but industry company standards that are showing that the mobile market is booming and will continue to do so.

Developing a Website For Mobile Devices

Creating a website for mobile devices is what the market is wanting. For a long time, mobile apps did it all as iPhone dominated the market but now that there are many different platforms and styles of smartphones around. In fact, androids, etc are starting to take a lot of the market share away from Apple so a website for mobile devices makes more sense to reach a wider audience.

If you do any extra research you will find that starting a website for a mobile business is a good move and even better if you already have clients.

Our course will take you through every aspect of how to build a website for mobile devices and then how to set up your business to sell them to businesses.

Website For Mobile Webmasters

If you are a webmaster then adding a service for making a website for mobile devices will add to your bottom line and provide a new income stream for your business.

Our course is designed so no matter who you are you can make a website for mobile devices and onsell to your customers in a very short time.

Wow, Quentin, I am blown away by the Business Mobile Website! You have really opened up an incredible new income generator for my offline business.

I always thought that a mobile website must be rather easy to build, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. You have made the process sooooo easy with your excellent video tutorials.

The additional information that you provide regarding QR codes is excellent and really adds to the overall value that I can now offer my customers. I can hardly wait to get out there and start offering this concept to my customers. I know many will be impressed and I should be able to add some extra sales quite easily.

Now I know how I can pay for that new EVO 4G phone that I have been wanting to buy for some time, LOL!

While I have been designing sites for a while now, I honestly think that even newbies will find this quite straightforward just by following along with your video tutorials. Plus your resource files are a real time-saver!

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