Who is Actually More Emotional, Men or Women?

On one occasion, surely you will find a moment when your normally calm male friend can’t hold back his emotions when he is under stress. Meanwhile, you and your female friends are more easily provoked by emotions and often even express them. So, who is actually more emotional, men or women?

Although women seem more chatty than men, researchers found that women are more able to hold back their emotions when under stress. The reason that distinguishes the way men and women deal with stress is the hormones in the body. Apparently, when stressed, a woman’s brain will release the hormone oxytocin—a hormone that causes feelings of relaxation and happiness. This hormone suppresses the hormone cortisol, which makes women more relaxed.

Meanwhile, in the male body, the amount of the hormone oxytocin is less. So, do not be surprised if when stressed men tend to be more irritable or unable to contain their emotions. The oxytocin hormone released by the brain is unable to neutralize the dominant cortisol hormone.

But why are women’s emotions still more visible than men’s? The author of The Everything Parent’s Guide To Positive Discipline, Carl Pickard, says that in times of stress, to escape emotions, men seek escapism. “They channel stress energy with their friends in a challenging way,” said Carl. Meanwhile, when they feel pressure about work, they prefer to dissolve in other activities. So, don’t expect you to find a man who diligently talks about his life problems. The pretty smart way, right? Come on, women, learn from men about dealing with emotions.

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